Aneira's Story 11

How could any of us have known… How could it be that this one person has fallen so deep into despair that they brought about all of this hatred and destruction. For anyone else, these are questions that seem to not have answers. Unfortunately, I know all too well what Nualia has gone through. We share similar stories of persecution, hatred at not being like everyone else, and where Sarenrae found me and shaped me to be what I am, Lamashtu had found her first. I can’t blame myself, or any of us for her fate as she believed she only had one path to take. Sarenrae, watch over Nualia’s soul. Guide it through the afterlife and lead her away from Lamashtu, who twisted her body and mind. Show her soul the goodness and love that you have for all the world. Set the world ablaze with your hope and healing to those who have none so that no one can fall into this despair again.

Orik wasn’t himself when I spoke with him after the funeral right I performed for Nualia. I felt at the very least that I had to thank him for his services, however grim they were. Surely without him, we maybe have lost a lot more than a bit of blood. Regardless, he was not the gruff, uncaring mercenary we encountered on our first meeting. I was a little worried at first when I went looking for him, afraid that he may not want to see me, or worse, want to harm me. Rather, he was remorseful.. He gave me a brief insight into his life and the choices he’s made, how he ended up here, and how he thought getting revenge on Nualia was the right path. The people that have been attracted to this place, they truly need help. I can only hope that Orik heeds my advice and seeks out the temple in Sandpoint.

My heart pours out for Bugga now more than ever… Gorn… Why did you leave like this? Not so much as a word to anybody. You helped Pitticus and I carry out Nualia’s funeral right, and before I fell into my prayers, I felt your presence beside me as the pyre burned. I could only assume you had left to rejoin the others when I awoke. Instead, I found Bugga holding your whip and a letter. You’ve been Bugga’s companion for so long, and then to disappear without a word… I worry for Bugga’s progress that she might withdraw into herself and jeopardize the gobl.. no, person that she’s become.

I can only hope that the timing of your departure is right. The word of a beast further into this third level of Thistletop makes me worry that your departure was too abrupt. Why couldn’t you have waited until we left this place, or at the very least, spoken to one or all of us. Maybe we could’ve helped with what you were feeling…Despite all of this, I hope that your travels are safe, and someday we meet again.


I really like that you hit on 3 major RP events. All very well written, but I really like the insight and final thoughts on Gorn. That and the Sarenrae prayer. Very nice

Aneira's Story 11

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