Aneira's Story 16

Goblins are evil creatures. They raid helpless villages, kill their livestock, burn their crops, and kidnap their unwatched children for the fun of it. They’re monsters, deserving of no mercy, deserving to be culled from this world.

That’s what I would’ve said if asked my opinion on them just a few short months ago, what I would’ve said before Bugga…

Warleader Pinchy; the name Bugga had given Aneira soon after their meeting burns in her memory, unable to shake it.

What kind of “Warleader” have I been? How could I have not seen the signs, not put them together and realize what was happening, what Mr Sniffles, or rather, Teansa, was planning? Now Bugga is gone. Taken voluntarily or otherwise into the Plane of Shadow, on the word of a contract between her and this shadow creature…

Choking tears away, she looks down at her hands, small and delicate, but deadly with fingers ending in short but undeniably sharp claws. She clenches her fists, piercing her palms, letting free small trickles of blood. Aneira watches the blood, a deep crimson contrasted strongly by the paleness of her skin, drip off of her hands.

A flash of golden light breaks her free of her trance.

A sense of warmth and calm fills Aneira as she looks down at the source of the light. A hilt inlayed with rubies and cast in gold, resembling her holy symbol of Sarenrae, and a long curved blade, giving off the faintest hint of reddish-gold light. Etched into the blade is a prayer to redeem the repentant and consume the unremorseful.

Aniera steels herself, looking back at her hand, a wave of holy magic washing over her. The wound closes and the blood stops.

Sarenrae, you have been good to me. You have always lit the way for me, and I haven’t always followed. Despite that, you have always been good to me. There were times where I couldn’t feel you near, but you have always been good to me. Now, in my time of doubt, you are here, watching over me.

I have faith that you will watch over Bugga. Your divine light will break the shrowd of darkness in the Shadow Plane and you will protect and guide Bugga in her travels there.

Sarenrae, you are my Dawnflower, my Everlight. Here and now, I renew my vows to you. With these relics, and your healing fire, I will seek out those who need your guiding light, and to the irredeemable, I will send them to you for judgement.


Kind of feel bad about how much Bugga’s departure messed up Aneira, but hey! She’s probably feeling similar homesicky thoughts at the same time; probably wishing she got another hug or something.

Aneira's Story 16

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