Aneira's Story 5

Changing up how I’m doing my journals. I’m struggling with finding a balance of “summary of the events” and “my thoughts on things” so i’m gonna try something different.

Pitticus doesn’t like me, which is clear. He doesn’t trust that I can control myself, and he makes it no secret, vocalizing at breakfast that he doesn’t want me to come on this journey, and again when the Vargouille attempted to turn me, making us waste precious time returning to town through the tunnels. Regardless, I can feel myself becoming stronger – physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Dawnflower is my salvation and my strength.

The quasit that we faced in the catacombs was curious. She was a formidable foe in the fact that she flew around, out of reach the whole time. As we entered the room, she began a ceremony to summon evil out of the well at the top of the dais. However, when the ceremony completed, she gave a look that implied unexpected results. I’m unsure if this implies something that went wrong during her summoning ritual, or if its is something else.

The clerics of the temple have asked me to accompany them on a trek through the catacombs to try to clense it of any lingering evil, to which I agreed. I got to see the well up close and before we cleansed it, I could still feel it’s power attempting to probe my mind. I spent a full day and night with Pitticus and the other clerics divining whatever information we could from it. With guidance from Sarenrae, and the help of the others, we identified it and destroyed it by boiling holy water in its basin.

After returning from the catacombs with the other clerics, I spoke with the head priestess of Sarenrae in Sandpoint at length. She was curious to know about the Runewell and my own origins. I felt comfortable around her as I went over my history with her, unlike when I gave the group only a small amount of information about my origins. She listened intently as we spent our time together. After I had finished, without word, she left the room and returned with what looked like a sash, similar in style to my own red and gold scarf. She offered it to me and told me that each deity has three relics that are housed at the temple and she felt that this one could help me both in my journeys and as well as in strengthening my faith in Sarenrae.

This is the item that the head priestess of Sarenrae gave to Aneira

Dawnflower Sash

This long strip of red Qadiran fabric is wrapped around the wearer’s waist or head several times and held in place by an ankh-shaped clasp of red gold. The wearer is protected as if by endure elements, but only in warm environments. If the wearer unwraps the sash to its full length and holds the clasp in her hand, she can use feather fall once per day, briefly leaving behind a trail of pleasant red-gold light as bright as a torch that lasts for 1 round.

If Sarenrae is the wearer’s patron, the wearer can use the sash to cast cure light wounds once per day on command. The wearer can trigger this ability as an immediate action if reduced to –1 hit points or fewer, though thereafter the sash must be recharged by placing it in strong sunlight for 8 continuous hours. As a swift action, the wearer can cause the clasp to shine as brightly as a torch or cease this illumination; the light is warm, feels like sunlight, and is bright enough to make sun-fearing creatures slightly uncomfortable but not so bright as to cause them harm.


I really like this journal entry. Think it does a fantastic job highlighting your reponses to current events and the continued developing of your religious storyline.

Aneira's Story 5

Good item to have, as well. Self-heals which regenerate are pretty great, though we probably won’t have time to recharge it unless we’re traveling or you don’t wear it for a session while it recharges at camp…

Aneira's Story 5

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