Bugga's Story 12

/In the half-light of the tent, a small figure sits up in a big bed. Fidgeting with a bandage it wears over part of its face, it takes stock of its situation, attempting to gather its bearings. As it begins to scratch more at its injury it fails to notice the elegant approach of a shae, its flowing steps quiet in their grace. The small figure suddenly realizes it’s not alone, looking up in alarm and huddling into its blankets./

/The shae seems unsure of what to do with the trembling creature, halting at the edge of the room for a moment, but eventually the small figure relaxes, realizing the safety of its resting place, and resumes its scratching. The shae takes the opportunity to move in and sit on a chair beside the bed, folding her hands awkwardly before herself./

          Teansa: Are you okay? We were concerned that…. that you weren’t going to wake again. We are pleased that you are not permanently disabled.

/The shae is visibly uncomfortable, but is trying to appear comforting and warm./

          Bugga: Bugga’s fine, but….

          Teansa: … It will not grow back with the healing We have at Our disposal. We are sorry.

          Bugga: … Did you get him, uh, Teansa?

          Teansa: Yes. The battle’s victory was… complete, despite your injury and Our other losses. What drove you to attempt such a thing?

          Bugga: … W-well, Bugga was thinkin’ of um… Maybe Bugga was thinkin’ of a friend of Bugga’s. Not anyone you know, Mist- uh, Teansa. But Bugga’s friend is very brave.

… Bugga’s friend you never heard of before.

          Teansa: Are you sure We don’t know? It isn’t the warpriest, is it? Maybe that’s your secret friend, hmm…?

/Teansa tickles Bugga under her chin and the little goblin giggles and squirms./

          Bugga: Umm… okay, you got Bugga. Bugga not good at pretendin’ that the stuff she says is true when it not…

If Bugga has to say truths, Bugga maybe missin’ home a bit. Bugga knows you don’t like Warleader Pinchy… Bugga hope that not a probrem… there just been a lot of changes for Bugga, you know; never really sat down to think ‘bout it. Tribe dead, Gorn savin’ Bugga… then Gorn’s mam an’ dad and learnin’ magic from that smelly ol’ wizard… then the story-tellin’ trip, and Bugga’s new friends, and then Gorn left… then the bad licky man and Maganamar and Mister Sniffles wantin’ Bugga to help with the scurry dragon! That’s lots of stuff! Also other stuff Bugga forgets, like bein’ a queen now and the skellingtons and dat bad Spoon Punch guy…!

/The goblin summoner returns to scratching her injury for a second before continuing./

          Bugga: … All of dat to say that Bugga kinda wound up likin’ her humies. Bugga hope dat not a probrem for Mister- uh, Teansa…?

          Teansa: Well no, it’s not a problem. We are so very pleased that you are close enough to your humans that you miss them, because many of your people do not create such close connections, from what We’ve learned of you. We mean, of them-

          Bugga: …. Bugga has a big question, Teansa.

/Taken aback at the serious tone of the goblin, Teansa musters no response. She eventually motions that Bugga should speak./

          Bugga: … Why… did you find Bugga? Why did you…. pick… Bugga? Why is Bugga your friend, Teansa? Bugga’s not special like you said to Bugga’s humie friends, is Bugga?

/The shae looks like she is overcome with affection for Bugga for a moment, but not sure what to do about it. She fidgets instead, taking a moment before speaking./

          Teansa: No. You are not special, Bugga. The dream-creators are not new or unique in terms of history, though it is still a unique technique.

No, you are otherwise nothing more than what We assume is a regular member of your race, though one with an overactive imagination. Still, We came to you in need. We were alone and weak, desperate for help. We had learned of the oneirogen in Our youth, though We did not think We would meet one. We were simply looking… for a friend. For help. Much has happened here; much was lost. The forces raised against Our people are strong enough that we needed help… and so We looked. We looked, and We found you, also needing help.

… So you are not special, but you are very special… to Us.

You may not remember it because… well, it was your dreaming mind’s form, but you were the element needed to allow Us to escape. We needed to be able to conjure assistance. That was you.

… Regardless, if We are to protect you as promised, it is now time to rest: this was not the most important fight of the campaign, nor the last. The blow we struck today will reverberate through the entirety of their forces, and will reach the top. And while valor such as you displayed is unexpected and extremely risky, it also shows that our resistance is intent on victory.

          Bugga: If you not want Bugga to take risks, Bugga’s not sure what to do to help. Everyone else is big an’ strong and Bugga just little…

          Teansa: … Hm. … Actually, We think that We could teach you some things to improve your ability to strike from hiding. Yes, it will dovetail nicely with your natural subtlety and the changes you are experiencing from your ties to this plane. We could teach you how to strike against weaknesses while unseen…

… Just promise Us you won’t take such risks again!



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