Bugga's Story 3

1 – Bugga isn’t sure what’s going on, but Bugga likes it. Well, Bugga kinda likes it. There were gobrins playing with the glass, and they melted the screamy old humie to his chair at some point, but Bugga was put up on the roof and she saw them there! Then the silly humie got tired of being outside and broked the window and then everyone was inside. Then, gobrins. … Shush, Bugga just wanted to establish the scene.

Then… well… Gorn got mad, and the silly man got hurt, and the pretty humie got hurt! A lot of weird things happened. A humie who looked like the lady humie showed up and hurt the… hm. Bugga needs more names for these humies; so many humies. Okay, well Bugga has name for lady humie: she’s “Soup Spoon”. And the man humie who looked like her and died was “Spoon Punch”. So Spoon Punch came out; he was friends with the gobrins! He came out to fight the silly humie and the pretty humie… hm, need names for them, too…

… Okay, so this fits with where Bugga’s story was going: the pretty humie leads a lot of battles, and runs in. Her hands are sharp! Bugga will call her “Warleader Pinchy”, because of how pinchy she is. And the silly humie will be …. “Buttfart”, because… hehe! So Warleader Pinchy and Buttfart ran in, and Spoon Punch punched them both, but got pinched and farted, and he fell down. But then… then, Warleader Pinchy pinched him again, on the ground. And Gorn said he wanted to pinch him, too!

So, Bugga thinks this: Gorn and Bugga are gobrins, best Bugga can tell. Sometimes, Gorn is more of a gobrin, and sometimes less a gobrin. Bugga has no tribe; Gorn has no tribe… but maybe… maybe many humies have gobrin blood somewhere. Buttfart is very gobrin, and Warleader Pinchy is, too… other humies are pretty gobrin, even; Dizzy Kaboom (that’s the other humie; pay attention!) is DEFINITELY a gobrin. So maybe all of these part-gobrins are now in a kind of tribe. Maybe they all have no tribe either. Maybe we’re a tribe now.

… Well, probably more like a warband, which is why Bugga calls Warleader Pinchy Warleader Pinchy. She always kills things and talks about fights lots, so she’s Warleader. When she says kill, Bugga will kill. Gorn seems sometimes to let the gobrin blood take over, but Gorn’s the best. Bugga’s not sure when Gorn wants to kill people, but Bugga will follow Gorn’s example, and Warleader Pinchy’s example.

So Warleader Pinchy is Warleader, and Gorn is Warchanter. Dizzy Kaboom is definitely Fire-Maker, and Buttfart is that gobrin who is always there, making everyone laugh. Bugga likes this gobrin usually, but he always has a different name, and always has accidents… So, that’s Gorn and Bugga’s new warband! This is fun; it’s been so long since Bugga and Gorn had a warband! Gorn is like the king of the warband, and… hehe, Bugga guesses that that leaves Bugga to be queen!

… some time later she picked up the conversation again, she found herself flustered by this idea.

So Bugga and Gorn have a place now. Bugga is the Teller… but Mister Sniffles says that a good warband doesn’t always need a teller. Mister Sniffles says telling stories of fights and gobliny victory is good and all, but that it doesn’t probably help during the day, when the fights are happening! So, warband is missing a Spirit Caller and Magic-Maker, and Mister Sniffles thinks Bugga should do those. Bugga agrees; Bugga’s quite good at those things. Bugga can be a teller when she’s not being magic! Magic won the day, after all! Bugga killed several of the gobrins….

Why was Spoon Punch so bad though? Maybe the tunnel has answers. That stinky, dark tunnel.

What all of this means is that going forward, Bugga will be looking to specific members of the party for different directions, based on her unique goblin perspective: Gorn provides the morale and “feel” direction for the warband’s decisions, ultimately okaying or denying actions as “for” or “against” their group’s styles (and doubles “Warchanter” and “King”), Aneira provides the “go” for battle and leads combat as the Warleader, and Pitticus is the tinkerer and Fire-Maker, managing the “how” of anything requiring explosions or alchemy and being deferred to in that field. Davros is kind of the universal assistant in her mind (being the local “Buttfart”), and she considers herself Gorn’s partner (quadrupling as “Teller”, “Magic-Maker”, “Spirit Caller”, and “Queen”) and providing the insight (through her harrow deck) and magical artillery of the group’s tactics.



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