Letters Home - 5 - 05/05/15

Gorn's Letters

Mother and Father,

Before turning into bed, Bugga and I joined Davros in taking Tsuto’s journal to the temple to see if we could gather any more information on what may lie beneath the town before we headed back down into the tunnels.

A priest was able to help us and identified that Tsuto and those with him had been getting assistance from a demon called a Quasit. I know, I’d never heard of it either but it sounded intriguing, small with wings, definitely evil, and apparently masters of the mysitc with a weakness to coldiron. The priest warned us not to underestimate it in spite of its small size, and that we should deal with it soon before it had time to advance any plans it may have had.

We also learned that the journal also referenced another beast called Malpheshnicore which we were to learn about after defeating the Quasit. I’m interested to learn about this creature too. In fact I may just have to start looking into some of these mystical creatures more and more if things keep progressing the way they have been, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

After leaving the temple I went to fill PItticus in on the information we had gathered and wound up getting more than I bargained for. Turns out he was having second thoughts about the group. The man is motivated by nothing it turns out. Save maybe a good drink. Anyway he demanded more thought and less emotion if he was to continue with the group. The discussion stayed relatively civil but when I left the room I still wasn’t certain as to whether or not he would join us in the morning.

Come morning though my fears were relieved as Pitticus joined both myself, Bugga, and Davros at breakfast. Pitticus opened by telling us all that he would continue with the group under the condition that he and I co-led the group, which caught me off guard but the group seemed amenable to the idea so I accepted. Ameiko was somewhat sombre as anyone would be after losing their brother the way that she had, and she served us a very spartan breakfast. Though any blandness in the food was made up for by the story Aneira told us when she finally turned up. It turns out that either the hag who spawned her or someone with similar powers may be near or even in Sandpoint. As it turn out this hag can actually control Aneira when she’s close enough. Turns out that this changeling hag was someone’s immortality plan. Well this hag has controller her mind before and this time it happened again. This is why she told us she relieved Tsuto of his face. She apologized and tried to give us some assurances that she wouldn’t be turned again so easily. PItticus and I agreed that she needed to be watched closely to make sure she didn’t turn on us.

After breakfast we returned to the temple where we received a bit of a pep talk from the priest as well as some more info with regards to the Quasit. Turns out they can turn invisible as well as some other mystical tricks. He then blessed us and we went on our way. Something about that blessing made me feel… stronger, more capable I guess. I’d love to do some research into what goes into those blessings.

Down into the tunnels we went! And in the first room I found a new definition for ugly. The spawn of sin itself. We ran into several of these sinspawn on our journey through the tunnels. Terrifying as they are, they didn’t seem to be very strong. As we progressed through the tunnels we came across a door that was locked tight and seemed to need a figure of the head of Lameshtu to unlock it.

Later on we found a statue of Alaznist, who as apparently a runelord of old. Based on the statue she seemed to be someone who was never able to sate their negative energy. She was holding a very ornate spear which fetched quite a price as a piece of art. While retrieving the spear which we identified as a Ranseur, I noticed a flash on the statue of a strange symbol. I thought it very odd and wonder if there could be more of these symbols elsewhere and what purpose they serve.

We found many other rooms, one that seemed to be a prison area with nothing but bones, empty cells, and sinspawn. Another room contained cells with skeletons that seemed to have been deformed or the victims of some odd experimentation. We came to another room and were attacked by a three armed goblin! Never have I seen such a creature before this. And the room had small wooden covers over several holes in the floor. Turns out there were zombies down there, Bugga killed one before she got bored and we decided there wasn’t any chance of them getting out.

We then found the figurine we were looking for. Floating in a room that seemed to be enchanted as there was no gravity and everything within just floated around along with other items of interest.

After retrieving the figurine we returned to the statue room and check down another hallway where Aneira ran into some trouble with a creature called a Var’Juile or something like that. During our fight with it, she was… kissed by it. Bugga was pretty adamant that this was a very bad thing as it would slowly transform her into one herself over time. We figured we’d be better off safe than sorry and took her back to the temple quickly to have her cured.

We then returned to the tunnels and to the door requiring the figurine. We entered to what appeared to be a shrine room which had a small basin of black water in it. Well you raised your son well and thankfully I decided that being black and not coming out of a keg I wouldn’t touch it. Turns out that was a good thing as it would appear that this water is what was being used to create the mutants we found or fought throughout the previous rooms.

On the opposite side of the room stood two large obsidian doors. After gathering ourselves we entered and came face to face with the Quasit. It was hovering over a bubbling pool up on a balcony. When it became aware of us it cut its hand and dropped some of its own blood into the pool which had been glowing, and suddenly went dark and began bubbling even more as out crawled another sinspawn. It turns out this Quasit was a master of summoning. Throughout the fight we took on a sinspawn, a giant octopus, and a fire elemental. Not to mention the Quasit itself. That slippery devil kept sheilding itself with invisibility. It felt like we got some good hits in but were unable to kill it and it fled. For now that will have to be enough.

We came across some books after the fight that told us the pool the sinspawn had come out of was something called a runewell. Apparently there are several of them all over and this one was known as the runewell of wrath. The fact that it is no longer glowing apparently means that it’s been deactivated. If the remainder of them are even half as dangerous as this one, we should put some effort into shutting the rest down.

Please find enclosed some gold to help with the bar. I would provide more but if we are going to keep going as we have I need to equip myself better than I am currently.

I will write you again soon.

Your Son,


Random font change in the middle FTW! Nice journal :-)

Letters Home - 5 - 05/05/15

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