Letters Home - 8 - 07/13/2013

Gorn's Letters

As we explored the fortress further, we suddenly noticed a noise coming from behind us. “Goblins!” I might have yelled a little louder than I meant to. I rushed the door to bar it, allowing my companions time to set up around the door for when it would eventually open. WHUMP, WHUMP Two heavy thuds as the door was battered by goblins. Thwack as what I can only assume was an arrow nearly pierced the wood. When my friends were ready I opened the door, to find two goblins prostrate before me. I let them feel the wrath of my whip while dodging arrows from another at the far end of the hall. The others joined in the attack and we made quick work of our pursuit.

While we were resting I suddenly realized that they had come from the direction we had left Bugga! No sooner had I voiced my concern when she came flying down the stairs, and right under a table while being pursued by one of the biggest and ugliest goblins I’ve yet seen. I can only assume this was the Chief of the local tribe. I believe his name was Ripnugget… well we ripped his nuggets clean off as I don’t believe he was expecting to see so many of us at the end of the stairs.

With his death and the death of one of his War-Chanters the rest of the goblins took off. Leaving us to discover what else may lie inside the foul fortress.

More to come!

Your Son,


“Ripped his nuggets clean off” – Classic Half-Orc slang

Letters Home - 8 - 07/13/2013

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