Letters Home - 9 - 07/21/2013

Gorn's Letters

Mother and Father,

To continue my story…

Once everyone had recouped a little bit thanks to the hospitalitiy of the now dead Goblin Chief, we returned to our mission. Heading back to the doors we had been engrossed with earlier we decided to make sure no one else would sneak upon us from behind anymore, and when Davros detected a draft we headed in that direction to make sure we couldn’t be ambushed. We discovered what appeared to be a cliff-side dwelling for some sort of creature before…maybe a small drake?…that had been since taken over by large birds and used as storage by the goblins and their masters. After clearing the room we found a door at the other end that we decided would be good to explore.

We came upon a room with dog pelts, several doors, and a set of stairs. I quickly poked my head up the stairs to get my bearings while Bugga explored a room with Pitticus. Turns out that someone was trying to make goblin/bugbear hybrids. The thought of overly strong goblins made Bugga excited and she wanted to raise them as part of her new tribe. I think Pitticus may have wanted to study them? I’m not certain what knowledge he could have hoped to glean from those feral creatures, but I’m sure he would have found something about them to fascinate himself with.

While Bugga and Pitticus were talking, I heard a loud banging coming from the other side of the room I was in. For some unknown reason I thought perhaps something was being held against its will and I knocked on the door. To my surprise, it opened from the inside to a putrid smell and trio of Goblin Wives. Caught slightly off-guard I put on my most commanding face and told them to stop making such a racket. They apologized and suggested that I join them in the room. It was as I started to decline that Aneira stuck her head through the door to see what was going on and nearly got it taken clean off by a bugbear! Mystery solved as to where the hybrids had come from. The fight was fierce but over quickly when Bugga’s desire to command a goblin tribe surfaced and she convinced the wives to turn on the Bugbear! Davros and Mr. Sniffles then finished him off. The Wives agreed to be part of Bugga’s tribe if Bugga agreed to destroy the abominations that they had birthed. Bugga was very torn about this but told them she would think about it.

The group split to explore a couple of different areas, I was checking a door where I was certain I heard someone in distress. I sent Aneira to gather the others as I did not want to walk into a situation that could potentially overwhelm us, and to try and keep her head from leaving her shoulders too soon should something come through the door. She had been gone a while when I heard Bugga call for Mr Sniffles and saw him take off. Well she only calls for him when she’s in trouble so I followed. I came upon the group locked in combat with a hulking brute of a man! Davros was already cut open and the group seemed to be struggling to deal with him in the tight quarters of the hallway. Out of nowhere Lyrie showed up and hit him with some kind of magical ray. He surrendered quickly after that.

Turns out he was a mercenary named Orik who had been hired on as a body guard but found himself quickly being asked to go beyond into areas he wasn’t comfortable. Or at least areas he wasn’t being paid to go into. When he found out Tsuto had died at our hands he lightened to us. Turns out he had a thing for Lyrie and Tsuto was in the way. He offered his services to us in return for coin, and his life. Hard to say which he valued more, but I guessed his life. So I reminded him that should the mission to kill Nualia fail, his life was surely forfeit as I’m certain she does not take betrayal lightly. I could only hope that little reminder would be enough to keep him from betraying US as well. That and the 500g we offered.

There looked to be some trouble within the group as Orik seemed to be highly irreverant towards Sarenrae which caused him to fall on Aneira’s bad side, and Bugga was not a fan of a human who would turn just for a better offer (though she had just done it with three Goblin wives… sometimes I just don’t understand her). I convinced Bugga to leave the room while negotiating, Piticus went with her as he had cast his vote in favor of the man. While they were out, Bugga apparently made her decision to kill the hybrids. I’m not sure what convinced her or how she did it but when we walked past the doorway again the room which had been loud with feral snarling and growling had gone deathly silent.

I won’t lie, the idea of her running a goblin tribe has me somewhat worried. I think she’s been removed from tribe life so long that she has forgotten what happens when a chief (or “queen” as she has styled herself) is absent for an extended period. They tend to be replaced quickly. On the other hand she has learned so much about how to properly interact with other races that I have hope, however small it may be at the moment, that she may be able to help inspire a movement of the goblins towards more civilized behavior and society.

I was unable to talk to her at the time as we quickly moved into what looked to be a prison to find a prisoner, tortured almost beyond recognition, dying in one of the cells. Aneira quickly worked to heal her, yes her. Bugga got bored and went to explore a bit and it’s good that she did because she found the keys to the cells. When she was able to speak we learned that her name was Karis, that she was a member of a Wizards guild that was based in Absalom but were more nomadic than anything. Apprently their goal is the preservation of artifacts, magic, and knowledge. Glorified archivists if you must have it in the simplest terms. She then assured us she would see to her own safety, but that we would see her again, and we moved on.

We found what appeared to be a side door to the chamber that Aneira had identified as a possible shrine to Lamashtu. We decided to enter the room from multiple points in an effort to both contain whatever lay inside, if anything, and to split it’s attention. Using Bugga’s abilities to share a mental link with myself we timed it perfectly, we burst into the room to be greeted by what looked like two hounds from the pits of hell itself… but they were floating! They let out a terrifying howl, and Bugga went screaming from the room. I ran up to the first one in an attempt to pull it down to earth with my whip, but the creature slipped from the whip’s hold. Then it turned on me and bit me, hard. I was injured badly but still managed to daze the creature before I fell unconscious. When I awoke again, there was only one creature left and the others took it down quickly.

Taking stock of our situation, we went back to the rooms where we had encountered Orik and set ourselves to rest. Readying ourselves for whatever may lay ahead in our adventure.

Your Son,


Nice. I liked the insight into your thoughts re: Bugga leading her own tribe.

Letters Home - 9 - 07/21/2013

… Yeah, me too. Actually hadn’t considered some of her stuff in the ways you have. Food for thought.

I don’t think she’d know how to put into words her feelings about the bugbear babies if Gorn asked her (and she’d probably try to hide her turmoil over her decision, thinking it’s a weakness)… but she’s pretty conflicted about it; preservation of goblin life is important to her, no matter what kind of life. This isn’t out of line with most goblin chiefs/kings’ attitudes regarding the survival of the whole tribe, but they don’t see goblins as individuals, only groups (statistics vs tragedies)… so it’d be a weakness in her style of ruling when warfare is involved.

After the slaughter of her own tribe she’s very hesitant to let further goblins die, meaning she’s going to pick her brain pretty hard on how to handle her responsibilities to her tribe (and the Birdcruncher refugees in the maze). Probably going to ask smart party members how best to negotiate trade agreements…

Letters Home - 9 - 07/21/2013

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