Observation Notes, #186

- Dear lord, it’s like I was…actually right. Though we’ve been blundering along, and quite jarringly, succeeding (like a blind baboon that clears a room because you’ve pissed him off sufficiently by insulting his sister and poking him with an iron prod, thrashing with unholy rage), it is amazing what happens when you coordinate your tactics, actually behave in your own best self interest, and demonstrate a modicum of skill. Finally, our quiet, aloof military man gave proof of that station by taking charge and issuing orders, dispensing with stabbing himself in his own kidneys and allowing our impulsive religious neophyte from flinging herself into the fray yet again.

- After having to snatch our shockingly fragile warpriestess from the throws of death yet again, this proves further confirmation of my overarching hypothesis: the gods are nothing more that hedonistic puppetmasters controlling the naive or insecure. Though her deity continues to toy with her, abandoning the follower in time of greatest peril, she has become even more resolute. How can this be? How can one bestow their trust upon sources that continually fail to show up?… Without the remarkably elementary applications of medical science and skilled alchemy, I fear she will be the first to perish. Misguided, it is imperative that she recognize the error in her judgment…

- Though not all seem to be thrilled with the decision, I am glad the mage be allowed to continue her study in peace. The avenues for unadulterated academic study continue to narrow as society’s blind religious fervour continues to overwhelm the objective empirical and quantitative benefits that follow disciplined application of rationalism. I hope that she proves to be trustworthy. If not, at least she will be intimately familiar with her sarcophagus…

- The goblin is proving herself to be remarkably resourceful…and somewhat amusing. For such an diabolical, spastic species, her cowardice is somewhat surprising. Perhaps we need to give her a little bit of a show…

- (Scribbled into left margin) Cask #6 continues to show a strong, robust character, with hints of smoke, old leather, and a hint of … peaches? Need to transfer that to a bourbon barrel…and perhaps clean the implements…

- (Scribbled into right margin) bomb velocity sub-optimal. switch to Tian-crafted vials. less drag … chemical composition of frost bomb adjustment: horizontal explosion radius (y) = frost catalyst rate (z) * (NH4)(NO3) * Al …. More wrist flick ….


Nice first journal entry. I really liked the margin scribbles. Felt it added some great flavour. I would love to see continuing journals as it would be interesting to see if any of the other apparently highly flawed members of the party ever garner your approval

Observation Notes, #186

Good read! I agree that the margin scribbles were awesome. Gives good insight so yes, please keep these coming while you can :).

Observation Notes, #186

Quite amusing. Love the bomb observations, but he should really use some of the alchemical ice created to cool his drinks…

My own alchemist made SOAP observations and referred to subjects by their chart number and unkind physical descriptions. :D Somehow, alchemist journal entries always seem to have the same scientific patter.Always fun to write; always fun to read.

Observation Notes, #186

If you’re curious, this is a sample of what I did as an alchemist (it was a very involved writing process):

Observation Notes, #186

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