Of Blackness, Madness, and Mayhem - Part 9

G'Vern's Adventures continues

G’Vern opens his eyes to what had, until recently become a distant memory. A figure stands over him, decidedly female with ashen skin, hood over her head and carrying an hourglass filled with blood red sand.

Woman: “Welcome back G’Vern Leshren, I had expected you sooner. I assume you won’t be staying long?”

G: “Pharasma, normally it’d be good to see you.”

P: “But not this time. Is this not the result of another of Malan’s perversions? Are you not relieved to be beyond his cruelty and maliciousness?”

G: “Not this time. This time fate brought me here. I let my guard down at the wrong time. At least this time I died in the service of good people, and beside those I could consider friends, heh, and a rather rambunctious rock.”

P: “Ah yes, he will be here soon too.”

G: “Ah, I figured he would be too headstrong to run. That’s right, you know all of this already don’t you?”

P: “I do, but even a god desires conversation at times. And with your comings and goings in my realm, your story has become something of a curiosity to me.”

G: “I suppose I should be looking towards my new permanent residence?”

P: “That choice has not yet been made, though it does appear your companions haven’t left you behind.”

G: “It is strange, being here and wishing to go back rather than moving on. Never would I have thought I would make myself at home with men, a goblin, a shapeshifter, and for a time a couple of dwarves even. When I met them in Sandpoint I never understood how such a gangly group had managed not to kill each other, much less work together. Nevertheless, suddenly I found myself on a path that I could not convince my feet to leave. Through the horrors of a house devoid of life yet not abandoned, to the curiosities of cults chasing ancient evil powers and beyond that to legendary monstrosities. We fought orcs, goblins, trolls, and men of both brute strength and magical prowess, and although we had some narrow escapes, we always came through. Cold and calculating, whimsical and carefree, full of faith, love, and comradery was this group. Aneira, Davros, Pitticus, Bugga, Ronlin, heck even Morgrym to some point…they are all heroes in their own rights, even though some have forged their own paths now. They made me willing to put myself in harm’s way after years of even going to far as to seek death to avoid it.”

P: “And so here you sit among the bones, hoping to be denied the passage you have begged me for over and over again.”

G: “And so here I sit. Dreading to ask the question, but knowing I will get the answer in any case. Is it my time to move on?”

P: “That question will be answered in due time, for now rest if you can. I must tend to my duties with the others.”



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