Ronlin - Current #2

Ronlin slowly dropped down onto his haunches, trying to relax for a brief moment without actually sitting on the disgusting floor beneath his feet. He kicked an old pile of rags away as he leaned his back up against the wall behind him. Having found some small semblance of comfort, he began to gingerly rotate his left arm back and forth while massaging the area with his other hand. Only a few minutes ago, his shoulder had borne a particularly deep and nasty wound courtesy of the ogre’s hook weapon. Thanks to Pitticus’ healing wand, the flesh had mostly healed over and Ronlin felt only the smallest twinge of pain when he moved it. Healing magics may close wounds and restore vitality – but unfortunately they did little to remove the stiffness or fatigue that accompanied taking a massive blow to the shoulder. Fortunately, wounds like this were not uncommon in the service of the Black Arrows and Ronlin had learned long ago how to deal with tired and strained muscles.



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