Bugga the Teller

Female Goblin Shadowmancer


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Bugga has black hair which is cut into a mohawk tapering down to a small ponytail at the back, and her freckly, cherubic face is often twisted by a mischievous grin when she is in conversation; one cannot be sure if she’s watching them in anticipation of the trigger of one of her pranks or if she’s just naturally excitable.

Bugga has a lisp, and her ears are rather large by goblin standards. She is missing a small amount of the tip of her left ear, bitten off by the dogs of the slavers who slaughtered her tribe, and has no vision in her left eye due to some sort of harm suffered while in the Shadow Plane. She has it covered by a long triangular eye patch made of leather and which bears a crude drawing of an eye on it in red.

Bugga is dressed smartly, clearly possessing enough money and access to resources to look her best and bear some potent magical weapons. While she is somewhat overweight her time in the Shadow Plane seems to have slimmed her down a bit. Sometimes her shadow moves on its own, quavering and moving slightly when in one’s peripheral vision.

Bugga is a young adult goblin, though that never seems to inspire much maturity among her people. She takes simple pleasure from silly and cruel things, tending to revel in her superiority whenever possible – especially when a “humie” (human) is subject to her scorn – though she has learned that it is possible to overdo it: her tribe was wiped out for killing the wrong humans. Still, her time living among non-goblins has taught her to be cautious and to stay out of sight if one wants to cause a ruckus.

When not subject to threats or afraid Bugga is pleasant enough, laughing a lot and being very enthusiastic in conversation. She is very clever for a goblin, often devising new and unique ways to get into trouble (or out of it). She loves telling stories, singing her horrible goblin songs, and generally tries to have as much fun as possible… unfortunately for any of her playmates, as the child-like nature of goblins means cruelty can also be very fun. Pranks are her specialty, ranging from salt in a drink to a vomit capsule in food to glue… well, everywhere. Often on chairs.

Bugga is a coward, which is an obvious reason for her skill in hiding and getting others to fight for her. She is quite timid when alone and unable to avoid the notice of others, and will often panic and run away when scared; when she cannot run, she cries and snivels and begs for mercy; a common goblin tactic. She is deathly afraid of horses and dogs – even moreso than normal for a goblin – because she was treed by the dogs of the humans who’d slaughtered her tribe, and now views humans in particular with a wary eye. Still, the little goblin is loyal to her “warband” (her humanoid allies) even in the face of overwhelming threats, and if she runs, she never goes far.

She is a clever fighter, though only because she is acutely aware of her own limitations: tangling with this goblin in particular, even while she is alone, is a sure-fire way to find oneself outnumbered; her connection to the Plane of Shadows means that she is rarely ever truly “alone”. For her, being a “Teller” (a goblin storyteller) takes on a double meaning: she is good at telling stories but an even better tattle-tale, often scampering off to recruit (as best she can) help in any conflicts she gets into. One could even guess that she learned to form creatures from the shadows themselves in her desperation to produce capable allies willing to protect her; her summons definitely serve this function when she is not able to produce real supporters. She almost has a talent for ingratiating herself to authority, despite all assumptions to the contrary based on behaviour alone.

As a Teller Bugga is quite good at spinning fantastic tales, sometimes adaptations of stories Gorn told her, and sometimes (often) made up with inspiration from a set of magical picture cards she’d found in the wreckage of a Varisian caravan. Her magical abilities, shadow puppets, and Mister Sniffles were her actors on most occasions and, with or without Gorn, she still enjoys telling stories. Bugga’s calling as a Teller is well-earned, and her creativity remains in step with her talkative nature.


=PAST (Pre-Gorn)=
Bugga was the Bubbleglump Goblin Tribe’s Teller, a sort of magical storyteller. She was rather pleased with her position, as the chief liked her stories, and she endured the envy of others within the chief’s circle of advisors with patience… she had a destiny! Bugga had been among the few chosen as candidates to be future queen by the tribe’s seer, Kuzmog the Never-Dead, but all was not smooth sailing: one such envier was Gok the Under-Chief, a kind of vizier who directed a lot of the tribe’s efforts, even around the notice of Guglug the Mighty, the tribe’s chief. Gok was a schemer, and had his schemes panned out, he would have made Bugga his mate and been chief himself, instead of Guglug… but Gok’s nearly-bulletproof ideas went up in flames when his commandos caught a human.

The human was from the Port Exern Trading Company, and he was a slaver, guiding a small group and caravan wagon through the swamplands southeast of Magnimar before incidentally straying into the lands controlled by the Bubbleglump goblins. Bugga was told by Gok that she would be among those to witness the triumph of Gok’s commandos, invited along for the show. While he obviously was trying to earn Bugga’s respect (and failing), she did have the opportunity to find something nice in the wagon’s wreckage: a deck of fancy cards! It was stored in a secret compartment inside a wooden hand one of the humans had worn. Why didn’t he just have a hand? Silly! Unfortunately, Gok’s powerplay at gathering support for himself was a gross miscalculation: the sacrificed human had friends. Many friends. And those many friends came to find him, and the end of his trail within the Bubbleglump goblins’ territory.

Bugga had been practicing manifesting a sort of imaginary friend she’d met and learned about over the past few weeks down at the swamp’s edge when she saw the smoke; had they started the celebration without her? The Bubbleglump goblins had planned a party to celebrate the capture and defeat of the humies, with a sacrifice planned, but there was smoke this early? They knew she was down at the swamp and was finding frogs for the feast (really, she was eating everything she could find, as usual)… her forehead wrinkling with annoyance, Bugga began to pack up her toys. She’d experienced an increase in her station within the village since finding the cards, and used them to greater effect in her stories: Chief Guglug was happy, and told her that her stories were better than ever, with magic and kabooms and all kinds of wonders… how little he knew! Bugga had always been a bit magical, which is why she was the Teller, but her talent had grown rapidly since she’d found the cards; it seemed that the performance of her tales was just the vehicle needed to truly develop her talents! Beasts of shadow and fire were conjured as she sowed her tales, and she had found great favor (even more than for her cute looks and good stories) in the few days since finding the cards… but now someone had made smoke, and she wasn’t invited!

Stuffing the remainder of the frogs she’d found within her mouth, she started off toward the village at a quick trot… Was this Gok’s doing? Had he finally done something bad enough to anger Guglug? Sadly, the scene over the rise was not a memorable party… though it would be memorable nonetheless.

=RETURN (Post-Planeswalking)=
Bugga’s powers have…. matured. She now is partially of shadow, and while she cannot manifest the creature form of Mister Sniffles/Teansa at will, she can still summon help from the Shadow Plane. Her control over other creatures has matured into a magical realm though, and she seems to have internalized her magics, manifesting them without much visible external effort or gesturing. She could even be said to be a little more confident, if a familiar eye were to glance her way.

… Speaking of eyes, she is possibly missing one, an ugly scar and what can only be described as quills of shadowstuff covering the left side of her face. These quills don’t seem to have sufficient-enough substance to pain her when buried under non-shadow constructs (such as her eye patch), but she calmly explains that they cannot be removed because “some go into Bugga’s thinky bits”. As for her eye in particular, according to Bugga “Mister Looky went his own way”, but she can “call him back” when she feels “he’s” needed. It’s hard to say what this means or how she achieves it.

“The Tattle-Tale ~Bugga’s Theme” (“Let’s Go Down Midas River”, Yoko Shimomura)
“Lifemates ~Bugga and Gorn” (“‘Kirby Super Star’ Ending”, Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa)
“A Teller ~Bugga’s Song (Instrumental)” (“Peanut Plain”, Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa)
“Midnight’s Whisper ~Mister Sniffles’ Theme” (“A Child Lost in Time”, Blake Robinson (Yasunori Mitsuda))
“Let’s Go Have Fun ~Bugga and Mister Sniffles” (“Where?”, Plaid)
“‘Dat Not Nithe!’ ~Battle Theme” (“Underground Forest”, Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa)
“‘Bugga Tellin’!’ ~Battle Theme 2” (“Rookie and Popple”, Yoko Shimomura)
“A Monster of Imagination ~Mister Sniffles’ Battle Theme” (“Fireproof”, Marco Beltrami)
“Hungry Shadows ~Mister Sniffles’ Battle Theme 2” (“The Dark One”, Anamanaguchi)
“Dawn and Dusk ~Bugga and Aneira” (“Fragments of Dreams”, Yasunori Mitsuda)
“The Second Contract ~Bridge to Nowhere” (“The Plague”, Jesper Kyd)

Bugga the Teller

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