Letters Home - 7 - 06/30/2015
Gorn's Letters

Mother and Father,

While we planned our assault, I noticed movement on the bridge. When I looked closer I was shocked to see that Aneira had managed to dig Davros out of his slumber and bring him to join us. Once we had all gathered again, Bugga convinced the Goblins inside the fortess to open the doors for us. It was a rather good performance on her part I must say. The doors opened, and in we charged.

The fighting was whirwind quick and intense as wave after wave of Goblins seemed to crawl out of every corner of the fortress. As we pushed through, I remembered the Goblins we had seen throwing something off the wall. I checked it out to find that the Goblins had been trying to hide pickles of all things. Figuring it to be a good snack, I stole one away for later.

We came up on a courtyard where there seemed to have been a struggle between goblins and some large animal. We found penned up in a corner a large horse. It had been obviously tormented by the goblins for a while, and once we had cleared the room we decided to try and free the horse. Remembering the pickle I had picked up I used some of my own trickery to give it the appearance of a carrot, which the horse then took. After some convincing we managed to calm it down. I think we may try to give it a home because he is one majestic creature.

We found some stairs near the back of the room and decided to explore them. In a room at the bottom we found the woman we had fought earlier that day! After cornering her I noticed that she wan’t being agressive for the sake of fanatacisim. She was in fact terrified. After a long conversation we now had Lyrie, a very astute scholar pledged to us. Well at least to not work against us. And she could prove to be quite useful in the future. She’s really quite bright, why she isn’t working for the society I don’t know.

It may sound like it but our adventure doesn’t end there so you’ll have to wait again for my next letter.

Your Son,

Aneira's Story 8

And yet we encounter another powerful being, and still we are trusting them to not stab us in the back as soon as we turn. I can’t say for certain her true intent or her nature, but I do not think that she is just the scholar that she says she is, forced to work in this place covered in signs of evil gods and chaos. Fear can be a powerful motivator, this I know first hand, but for her to be allowed to wander freely, and being as powerful as she is, she is not a prisoner here.

Sarenrae, be with me as we continue deeper into this…. place…

The sounds of metal and shields clanging together are heard down the passageway as more enemies approach, cutting short Aneira’s thoughts

Aneira's Story 7

Damn these thistles! Damn this place, damn this adventure! Sarenrae, how am I supposed to move on like this. Trial after trial it seems… Falling from great heights on rigged bridges, feeling my bones break as I hit the water, nearly losing consciousness… How much longer must I endure this?? Then, when all seems lost, help comes in the form of the goblin from the Thistlewood…

Sarenrae, help me to return to my friends quickly, as I’m sure they need both help and healing from your holy light…. and forgive my doubts…

Aneira clutches her pendant as she rushes through the thistlewood to return to her friends

Letters Home - 6 - 06/02/15
Gorn's Letters

Mother and Father,

Well into The Nettlewood we charged. It sounds like a forest but it’s really more like a thicket, riddled with thorns and wildlife. We would have had to thrash our way through if we hadn’t spotted an odd briar. Turns out it was a door into some tunnels through the thorns created by goblins. As much as we were grateful for the ability to begin moving towards Thistletop it had us hunched over and restricted our movements.

After journeying in a ways we came upon a hole in the ground that appeared to be a blowhole for the seas nearby but after some exploration by Bugga and Aneira we discovered it was a cave. There was even some remnants of previous explorers that might have been useful. Sadly the waters inside the cave were also the home of a pair of Bunyips and we didn’t want to be sidetracked by them and we couldn’t see a way to avoid them.

That wish to not be sidetracked was short lived however as we suddenly came around a corner to see four goblin dog creatures. Our experience with goblins thus far has made us stronger and we were able to deal with the dogs easily, but no sooner had we dealt with them when we turned yet another corner to be ambushed by a goblin and its pet cat. After killing the cat, we forced the goblin into submission a which point Bugga attempted to befriend him. Once he had calmed down he seem amicable. He told us about some abandoned watch-posts where we might be able to rest in. No one wanted to admit it but he had taken quite a bit out of us.

After acquiring some useful items from the goblin whose name is Gogmurt, who seemed to me to be very druidic in nature, we let him go. We then made to cover our tracks and disguise our previous carnage as a chance encounter between the dogs and the cat, then made camp in the watch-post, taking turns at watch.

In the morning we heard what sounded like a patrol and decided that the fewer enemies on Thistletop to oppose us, the better. So we ambushed them. They ran for Thistletop, we got the goblins but the human woman who was with them turned herself invisible and made it across the bridge into the fort. Bugga, Aneira, and Davros gave chase and as soon as they were all near the middle of the bridge it collapsed!! Aneira fell into the water below, nearly fainting which would have been fatal. Having no time to worry about her I set to work and used all my strength to attempt to repair the bridge. After repairing the one side I made my way across to finish the repair. While this was happening Aneira found that we had indeed made a friend as Gogmurt reappeared, and it looked like he had made a new friend in a bunyip. The creature assisted Aneira to shore and, in all likelihood, saved her life.

Once I had the bridge repaired, the rest of the party crossed the bridge while under a hail of arrows from the fortress. We had taken shelter in the trees outside the fortress and prepared to begin our assault.

Sadly there’s just too much to this story to be conatined in a single letter so you will have to wait until my next letter to get the conclusion of my story.

Your Son,


Aneira's Story 6

Have I gotten in too deep? Life before wasn’t amazing, but I’ve never awoken fearing that I might not survive another day. Now it seems I have near death experiences every day. How ANYBODY’s body can handle this kind of abuse and damage is a miracle in itself, let alone the kind of magic that exists in this world that can instantaneously heal it. I’m thankful for the power that you’ve granted me, Sarenrae, however it still hurts, a lot! I guess at the end of the day, I need to think about the people I’m helping, as you command, but I can’t help but have doubts.

This goblin that we encountered baffles me… No, its not the goblin. How in the nine layers of hell did it manage to calm us down so easily?? One second we’re fighting a vicious battle with it’s cat while he stayed in the back tossing fireballs and tearing myself and Davros to shreds, and the next we’re exchanging information and gear as if he was a weary traveler on a long road! Everyone seems to trust him to not betray our position, and deep in my gut I don’t want to trust him either on the basis that he’s a goblin, but that doesn’t hold any ground either considering present company!

We’ve decided to camp out in one of the abandoned watch posts, though we’ll be sleeping in shifts given the patrols coming out of Thistletop. Sarenrae, watch over us… I fear for myself and the others this night, leaving the goblin’s loose end left to unravel…

Bugga's Story 4

1 – Let’s see, let’s see; what happened today…? Many things! Monsters! Gobrins! Black yucky water! Bugga needs to remember these stories so that she can tell the tales to strangers and get money and supper for the warband. Let’s start from the top!

There was a deepdark temple underground. Looooots of walking! And the tunnels went on further! There was a yucky monster with a big funny mouth, and he was trying to bite, but Mister Sniffles and Warleader Pinchy and Buttfart all took care of him. Dizzy Kaboom was grumpy, saying lots of things. Dizzy Kaboom says so many things!

Then a statue had a special stick. Gorn said it was special but Bugga wasn’t so sure… then, more monsters in another room with a bridge, and then a table with straps on it. Gorn said the table was bad… it smelled bad. Three tiny skellingtons in the closets!

Then there was a gobrin with THREE ARMS! He chop-chop-CHOPPED at Warleader Pinchy, and Bugga got scared of something… can’t remember what, now. BUT IT WAS SCARY OKAY. There were also monsters in the holes. Bugga melted one! It was like “bloop, noooo” and Bugga laughed. Heehee, silly monster!

Then there was…. ahh…. yes, a spinny stair going nowhere (Dizzy Kaboom had to make double sure!) and a special floating room where Dizzy Kaboom threw up his breakfast and lunch! Was very funny to watch him spin and try to avoid his throw-up! Bugga tried hard to keep that laugh in, because Dizzy Kaboom always gets back at anyone who makes him the fool… hehehe! IT! WAS! SO! FUNNY!

Then we went baaaaack, back, back to the big scary door, and the black Lamashtu’s face was put in it, and she smiled and opened it for us; thank you Lamashtu! Gorn says to say thank-you when the doors are opened! Inside was another room and Bugga and Dizzy Kaboom tried to figure out the black water. Bugga has many ideas but she tries to put onnnly her best up when Dizzy Kaboom pays attention! He’s important, and is a fire-maker! Bugga’s going to ask some of his secrets if she can make friends with him!

The door was going to open but then Buttfart said to send Bugga in first. Bugga didn’t like this; reminded Bugga of Gok the Stupid Under-Chief and how he didn’t like Bugga’s stories, and always tried to volunteer Bugga for the jobs like “stab the horses, Bugga” or “grab the dog’s tail, Bugga”. Stupid Gok! Gok always smiled that mean stupid smile when he looked at Bugga; he was mean because Bugga didn’t want to make babies with him, but Guglug the Chief always said “stupid Gok, Bugga is a Teller, not a Dog-Biter!”. STUPID GOK! Was only good part of that day; coming up slope from swamp to see Gok running away from village, and then the humie threw the axe and Gok went spinning and shrieking… stupid Gok…

….. Bugga never saw Guglug again, though. Bugga would have wanted to say “bye Guglug! You’re Bugga’s favorite!” before she went with Gorn, and give one of those hugs that humies give… Stupid humies…

… Anyways! Whatever Bugga was saying, the end!

2 – The monsters died, and good riddance, Bugga says! The magic room was weeeeeird, though. Lots of water, and so cold! Whatsit monster made another ugly monster, and then the Whatsit was invisabrul, and something funny happened to Bugga’s magic; it would go all bloobly when she tried some spells, making weird things happen instead of just hurting the monsters.

The one time, Bugga pointed acid at the big monster, but out jumped darkness, and then a kind of crackle of gray from Bugga’s finger at the monster. The monster got still for a second but shrugged; Bugga’s never seen that before when making acids! Then, the Whatsit was flying and hurting Gorn, so Bugga used more acid but then she was in the Whatsit’s head, and it asked “what. is. thy. bidding.” and Bugga laughed. “Fly down; land!” Bugga said, and there goes the Whatsit! So weird!

The Whatsit ran away though; Mister Sniffles nearly got it. Gorn, too. Then Warleader Pinchy said that they’d won and Bugga was surprised! Don’t you only win when everyone’s dead? Oh well.

So, Gorn and Bugga get the night at the inn, and it sounds like lots of things will happen tomorrow. Dizzy Kaboom found a silly book and stopped talking; book probably already ate his words. If he dies Bugga’s going to get that book and steal his words from it, then Bugga will know the fire! Haha!

Until then, Bugga’s going to sleep. A big supper finished for a big hero, and a big breakfast when Bugga wakes up! There’s going to be stories about Bugga, and she needs to be big enough to fit in them! As big as Gorn!

Aneira's Story 5

Changing up how I’m doing my journals. I’m struggling with finding a balance of “summary of the events” and “my thoughts on things” so i’m gonna try something different.

Pitticus doesn’t like me, which is clear. He doesn’t trust that I can control myself, and he makes it no secret, vocalizing at breakfast that he doesn’t want me to come on this journey, and again when the Vargouille attempted to turn me, making us waste precious time returning to town through the tunnels. Regardless, I can feel myself becoming stronger – physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Dawnflower is my salvation and my strength.

The quasit that we faced in the catacombs was curious. She was a formidable foe in the fact that she flew around, out of reach the whole time. As we entered the room, she began a ceremony to summon evil out of the well at the top of the dais. However, when the ceremony completed, she gave a look that implied unexpected results. I’m unsure if this implies something that went wrong during her summoning ritual, or if its is something else.

The clerics of the temple have asked me to accompany them on a trek through the catacombs to try to clense it of any lingering evil, to which I agreed. I got to see the well up close and before we cleansed it, I could still feel it’s power attempting to probe my mind. I spent a full day and night with Pitticus and the other clerics divining whatever information we could from it. With guidance from Sarenrae, and the help of the others, we identified it and destroyed it by boiling holy water in its basin.

After returning from the catacombs with the other clerics, I spoke with the head priestess of Sarenrae in Sandpoint at length. She was curious to know about the Runewell and my own origins. I felt comfortable around her as I went over my history with her, unlike when I gave the group only a small amount of information about my origins. She listened intently as we spent our time together. After I had finished, without word, she left the room and returned with what looked like a sash, similar in style to my own red and gold scarf. She offered it to me and told me that each deity has three relics that are housed at the temple and she felt that this one could help me both in my journeys and as well as in strengthening my faith in Sarenrae.

This is the item that the head priestess of Sarenrae gave to Aneira

Dawnflower Sash

This long strip of red Qadiran fabric is wrapped around the wearer’s waist or head several times and held in place by an ankh-shaped clasp of red gold. The wearer is protected as if by endure elements, but only in warm environments. If the wearer unwraps the sash to its full length and holds the clasp in her hand, she can use feather fall once per day, briefly leaving behind a trail of pleasant red-gold light as bright as a torch that lasts for 1 round.

If Sarenrae is the wearer’s patron, the wearer can use the sash to cast cure light wounds once per day on command. The wearer can trigger this ability as an immediate action if reduced to –1 hit points or fewer, though thereafter the sash must be recharged by placing it in strong sunlight for 8 continuous hours. As a swift action, the wearer can cause the clasp to shine as brightly as a torch or cease this illumination; the light is warm, feels like sunlight, and is bright enough to make sun-fearing creatures slightly uncomfortable but not so bright as to cause them harm.

Letters Home - 5 - 05/05/15
Gorn's Letters

Mother and Father,

Before turning into bed, Bugga and I joined Davros in taking Tsuto’s journal to the temple to see if we could gather any more information on what may lie beneath the town before we headed back down into the tunnels.

A priest was able to help us and identified that Tsuto and those with him had been getting assistance from a demon called a Quasit. I know, I’d never heard of it either but it sounded intriguing, small with wings, definitely evil, and apparently masters of the mysitc with a weakness to coldiron. The priest warned us not to underestimate it in spite of its small size, and that we should deal with it soon before it had time to advance any plans it may have had.

We also learned that the journal also referenced another beast called Malpheshnicore which we were to learn about after defeating the Quasit. I’m interested to learn about this creature too. In fact I may just have to start looking into some of these mystical creatures more and more if things keep progressing the way they have been, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

After leaving the temple I went to fill PItticus in on the information we had gathered and wound up getting more than I bargained for. Turns out he was having second thoughts about the group. The man is motivated by nothing it turns out. Save maybe a good drink. Anyway he demanded more thought and less emotion if he was to continue with the group. The discussion stayed relatively civil but when I left the room I still wasn’t certain as to whether or not he would join us in the morning.

Come morning though my fears were relieved as Pitticus joined both myself, Bugga, and Davros at breakfast. Pitticus opened by telling us all that he would continue with the group under the condition that he and I co-led the group, which caught me off guard but the group seemed amenable to the idea so I accepted. Ameiko was somewhat sombre as anyone would be after losing their brother the way that she had, and she served us a very spartan breakfast. Though any blandness in the food was made up for by the story Aneira told us when she finally turned up. It turns out that either the hag who spawned her or someone with similar powers may be near or even in Sandpoint. As it turn out this hag can actually control Aneira when she’s close enough. Turns out that this changeling hag was someone’s immortality plan. Well this hag has controller her mind before and this time it happened again. This is why she told us she relieved Tsuto of his face. She apologized and tried to give us some assurances that she wouldn’t be turned again so easily. PItticus and I agreed that she needed to be watched closely to make sure she didn’t turn on us.

After breakfast we returned to the temple where we received a bit of a pep talk from the priest as well as some more info with regards to the Quasit. Turns out they can turn invisible as well as some other mystical tricks. He then blessed us and we went on our way. Something about that blessing made me feel… stronger, more capable I guess. I’d love to do some research into what goes into those blessings.

Down into the tunnels we went! And in the first room I found a new definition for ugly. The spawn of sin itself. We ran into several of these sinspawn on our journey through the tunnels. Terrifying as they are, they didn’t seem to be very strong. As we progressed through the tunnels we came across a door that was locked tight and seemed to need a figure of the head of Lameshtu to unlock it.

Later on we found a statue of Alaznist, who as apparently a runelord of old. Based on the statue she seemed to be someone who was never able to sate their negative energy. She was holding a very ornate spear which fetched quite a price as a piece of art. While retrieving the spear which we identified as a Ranseur, I noticed a flash on the statue of a strange symbol. I thought it very odd and wonder if there could be more of these symbols elsewhere and what purpose they serve.

We found many other rooms, one that seemed to be a prison area with nothing but bones, empty cells, and sinspawn. Another room contained cells with skeletons that seemed to have been deformed or the victims of some odd experimentation. We came to another room and were attacked by a three armed goblin! Never have I seen such a creature before this. And the room had small wooden covers over several holes in the floor. Turns out there were zombies down there, Bugga killed one before she got bored and we decided there wasn’t any chance of them getting out.

We then found the figurine we were looking for. Floating in a room that seemed to be enchanted as there was no gravity and everything within just floated around along with other items of interest.

After retrieving the figurine we returned to the statue room and check down another hallway where Aneira ran into some trouble with a creature called a Var’Juile or something like that. During our fight with it, she was… kissed by it. Bugga was pretty adamant that this was a very bad thing as it would slowly transform her into one herself over time. We figured we’d be better off safe than sorry and took her back to the temple quickly to have her cured.

We then returned to the tunnels and to the door requiring the figurine. We entered to what appeared to be a shrine room which had a small basin of black water in it. Well you raised your son well and thankfully I decided that being black and not coming out of a keg I wouldn’t touch it. Turns out that was a good thing as it would appear that this water is what was being used to create the mutants we found or fought throughout the previous rooms.

On the opposite side of the room stood two large obsidian doors. After gathering ourselves we entered and came face to face with the Quasit. It was hovering over a bubbling pool up on a balcony. When it became aware of us it cut its hand and dropped some of its own blood into the pool which had been glowing, and suddenly went dark and began bubbling even more as out crawled another sinspawn. It turns out this Quasit was a master of summoning. Throughout the fight we took on a sinspawn, a giant octopus, and a fire elemental. Not to mention the Quasit itself. That slippery devil kept sheilding itself with invisibility. It felt like we got some good hits in but were unable to kill it and it fled. For now that will have to be enough.

We came across some books after the fight that told us the pool the sinspawn had come out of was something called a runewell. Apparently there are several of them all over and this one was known as the runewell of wrath. The fact that it is no longer glowing apparently means that it’s been deactivated. If the remainder of them are even half as dangerous as this one, we should put some effort into shutting the rest down.

Please find enclosed some gold to help with the bar. I would provide more but if we are going to keep going as we have I need to equip myself better than I am currently.

I will write you again soon.

Your Son,

Conversations with a Divine, Aneira's Story 4

Rova 27, 4707 (April 6, 2015 Session)

(Aneira has gathered her things from her room at the Rusty Dragon and has gone to the temple indefinitely.)

(In front of the shrine devoted to Sarenrae, Aneira is kneeling, weeping)

Why have you left me? I don’t understand… All I see and feel is darkness.

(Aneira looks at her hands, though washed, they are still stained with Tsuto’s blood.)

I felt you with me all day… Through the halls of the Glassworks, I even felt your power rush through me as I struck out in defense of my allies… then… there was… is… nothing. Sarenrae, my Divine, I need you. What have I done… help me to understand.

(Aneira continues to sob, questioning, praying, begging for answers in front of the shrine to her beloved Sarenrae, clutching onto her red and gold scarf and holy symbol. Time passes as she continues, eventually sucumbing to her exhaustion. She tosses and turns, wracked by nightmares of the previous day’s events. Temple attendants burn incenses around Aneira, seeing that she is troubled, praying to their deities to watch over her. Eventually, she falls into a deep sleep, her body shutting down, forcing it to get the rest it needs to function. In this time, Sarenrae appears to Aneira. Briefly at first, seemingly fading in and out of contact, as if she was behind a thick fog or heavy clouds, before finally breaking through to Aneira, comforting her, assuring her that she had not left. Sarenrae spoke to Aneira, showing her images of a dark wrath truly evil, one that Aneira had experienced once before. She also showed her hope, however, in the form of a cleansing light, emanating from the center of this great evil.)

(Aneira’s eyes shoot open, sitting up, gasping for air as she recalls with vivid detail Sarenrae’s communion with her. A darkness blocking out her beloved Sarenrae, a loss of will. There is only one thing that has caused this in the past. She begins to bring up long suppressed memories while a chill runs down the length of her body as she contemplates what this means, knowing that she must tell the others of what may lie ahead.)

Bugga's Story 3

1 – Bugga isn’t sure what’s going on, but Bugga likes it. Well, Bugga kinda likes it. There were gobrins playing with the glass, and they melted the screamy old humie to his chair at some point, but Bugga was put up on the roof and she saw them there! Then the silly humie got tired of being outside and broked the window and then everyone was inside. Then, gobrins. … Shush, Bugga just wanted to establish the scene.

Then… well… Gorn got mad, and the silly man got hurt, and the pretty humie got hurt! A lot of weird things happened. A humie who looked like the lady humie showed up and hurt the… hm. Bugga needs more names for these humies; so many humies. Okay, well Bugga has name for lady humie: she’s “Soup Spoon”. And the man humie who looked like her and died was “Spoon Punch”. So Spoon Punch came out; he was friends with the gobrins! He came out to fight the silly humie and the pretty humie… hm, need names for them, too…

… Okay, so this fits with where Bugga’s story was going: the pretty humie leads a lot of battles, and runs in. Her hands are sharp! Bugga will call her “Warleader Pinchy”, because of how pinchy she is. And the silly humie will be …. “Buttfart”, because… hehe! So Warleader Pinchy and Buttfart ran in, and Spoon Punch punched them both, but got pinched and farted, and he fell down. But then… then, Warleader Pinchy pinched him again, on the ground. And Gorn said he wanted to pinch him, too!

So, Bugga thinks this: Gorn and Bugga are gobrins, best Bugga can tell. Sometimes, Gorn is more of a gobrin, and sometimes less a gobrin. Bugga has no tribe; Gorn has no tribe… but maybe… maybe many humies have gobrin blood somewhere. Buttfart is very gobrin, and Warleader Pinchy is, too… other humies are pretty gobrin, even; Dizzy Kaboom (that’s the other humie; pay attention!) is DEFINITELY a gobrin. So maybe all of these part-gobrins are now in a kind of tribe. Maybe they all have no tribe either. Maybe we’re a tribe now.

… Well, probably more like a warband, which is why Bugga calls Warleader Pinchy Warleader Pinchy. She always kills things and talks about fights lots, so she’s Warleader. When she says kill, Bugga will kill. Gorn seems sometimes to let the gobrin blood take over, but Gorn’s the best. Bugga’s not sure when Gorn wants to kill people, but Bugga will follow Gorn’s example, and Warleader Pinchy’s example.

So Warleader Pinchy is Warleader, and Gorn is Warchanter. Dizzy Kaboom is definitely Fire-Maker, and Buttfart is that gobrin who is always there, making everyone laugh. Bugga likes this gobrin usually, but he always has a different name, and always has accidents… So, that’s Gorn and Bugga’s new warband! This is fun; it’s been so long since Bugga and Gorn had a warband! Gorn is like the king of the warband, and… hehe, Bugga guesses that that leaves Bugga to be queen!

… some time later she picked up the conversation again, she found herself flustered by this idea.

So Bugga and Gorn have a place now. Bugga is the Teller… but Mister Sniffles says that a good warband doesn’t always need a teller. Mister Sniffles says telling stories of fights and gobliny victory is good and all, but that it doesn’t probably help during the day, when the fights are happening! So, warband is missing a Spirit Caller and Magic-Maker, and Mister Sniffles thinks Bugga should do those. Bugga agrees; Bugga’s quite good at those things. Bugga can be a teller when she’s not being magic! Magic won the day, after all! Bugga killed several of the gobrins….

Why was Spoon Punch so bad though? Maybe the tunnel has answers. That stinky, dark tunnel.

What all of this means is that going forward, Bugga will be looking to specific members of the party for different directions, based on her unique goblin perspective: Gorn provides the morale and “feel” direction for the warband’s decisions, ultimately okaying or denying actions as “for” or “against” their group’s styles (and doubles “Warchanter” and “King”), Aneira provides the “go” for battle and leads combat as the Warleader, and Pitticus is the tinkerer and Fire-Maker, managing the “how” of anything requiring explosions or alchemy and being deferred to in that field. Davros is kind of the universal assistant in her mind (being the local “Buttfart”), and she considers herself Gorn’s partner (quadrupling as “Teller”, “Magic-Maker”, “Spirit Caller”, and “Queen”) and providing the insight (through her harrow deck) and magical artillery of the group’s tactics.


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