Party Composition
Current Team Balance

Player Joe Jon Sean Stu
Character Bugga the Teller Aneira, Champion
of the Frozen Sun
Dr. Pitticus Braun Gorn Aleborn
Race Goblin Changeling Human Half-Orc
Focus Class Summoner Warpriest Alchemist Bard
Archetype Story Summoner Champion of
the Faith
Mindchemist Thundercaller
Role Hierophant/Archmage Champion/Hierophant Trickster/Archmage Hierophant/Guardian
Alignment CN (7, 6) CG (?, ?) CN (7, 4) CG (7, 3)
Conversations with a Divine, Aneira's Story 1

Rova 22, 4707 (February 10, 2015 Session)

Truly, this day has been an eventful one. The temple is like nothing I have ever seen, and the festival was even more grand! When I had heard that they were building a temple in your honor, I had thought it to be a modest place for a modest town, but truly the architects have outdone themselves. I admit, I had little hope that it would be more than another cramped and dark hole, easily missed by those not seaking the faith. I am glad that it will shine like a fiery beacon to any who wish to worship, and I am happy to have found a place to honor you.

And the festival? Truley magnificent! The people of Sandpoint all seemed to enjoy the distractions from life for a time. While there was quite the crowd gathered, and so many noises and sites to draw the eye away, there were some people that caught my gaze. There were many performers at the festival, some telling stories and reciting poems! Some performing parlor tricks for the childrens’ amusement! One, however, stood out above all others to me. I would call him human, for that is the closest thing he resembles, but I know he is not.

His performance filled me with an unexplainable feeling. I wish I could find the words to describe what it was. I find myself reflecting back on the melody of his song, and I don’t tire of it. Odder still, however, was his child. I hadn’t noticed her amongst the crowd during the festival, nor did I see her with the performer. Rather, I came across her during or just after a game of hide and seek. She had fallen asleep in a shadowy corner away from everybody and the other children couldn’t find her. She was very shy at first, but when she spoke, it wasn’t like any of the other children. She told me her name after I persuaded her to come out of the shadows and find her parents. Bugga I believe it was, quite the odd name. Whenever she spoke of herself, she didn’t say me or I, but always spoke about herself as if she was speaking of another. After talking with her for awhile, she led me to the performer and said that was her father. I didn’t not see any reason to question the matter, and left Bugga in his care.

There was no one else really of note. There was a pompous, condescending man pacing at the back of the festival. (Aneira let out a long sigh) Yes, my Divine, I know I need to be accepting of everyone, but this man was just so condescending towards everyone around him! I lost interest in him when he got into an argument with another man about mixing things who fit a similar description. It was not enough for me to take any interest in, though there was another man who caught my lingering eye (Aneira subconsciously bites her lip). He was truly handsome, and his faded military uniform fit him quite well! I would not complain if I had the chance to meet him (a small, half smile crosses Aneira’s lips).

It seems as though, in your divine grace, you guided my eye to all of these people! In the evening, just before the festivities were winding down, and the food had mostly been served, a pack of goblins appeared! Everyone was so distracted by the gathering that they caught everyone by surprise! Chaos erupted, and yet the few that I just told you about seemed unphased. We quickly dispatched the three that appeared at first, and as we moved through the city, more goblins kept crawling over the houses and out of alleyways. Eventually they stopped coming, though I could not take very much of the credit. My companions were much more skilled in combat, and I must credit them for saving my life on a couple of occasions.

After all of the dust settled, one of the food vendors, Ameiko I believe she said her name was, found us bloodied and exhausted, with what I assume was the town’s cleric in tow. He graciously healed all of our wounds, and for that I was thankful. Ameiko had also offered the lot of us free room and board for the week, in gratitude for helping to fend of the goblins, with the exception of Bugga. I had not noticed until Ameiko said something because she was wearing a mask for the majority of the day, but Bugga was indeed a goblin! I kept quiet, thanking Ameiko for her gracious offer, while Bugga and her companion had set off to make camp outside of Sandpoint. They have my curiosity, and I doubt I will sleep very much this night. I will have to seek them out in the morning after my prayers and contemplation.

What a curious day…

(Aneira closes her eyes and lays out her red and gold scarf in front of her, and sets her angelic ankh relic in the middle)

Lady of the golden sun,
Bless and protect your servants
Now that the day is done.
The earth turns cold and dead
Without your Healing Flame.
I light this candle in your honor,
that you might gather strength
and return to us the nourishment of your fire.

You are the Everlight.
So long as Sarenrae endures, the sun endures.
So long as the sun endures, we endure.

Letters Home - 1 - 10/02/15
Gorn's Letters

Preface: Gorn will be writing home to his parents after each session. Letters may be assumed to be sent out for delivery at any down time at a town, city, or any other location where letters may be sent from. This is for my entertainment and unless I tell you that Gorn has shared this letter, it is strictly Player Knowledge. I am dating the titles with session dates, not in game dates so don’t get all bent out of shape.

Mother and Father,

What a day! We arrived at Sandpoint in time for the Swallowtail Festival and the christening of their new temple. I’ve written to you before about Bugga, my traveling companion. Well around here her features are less than desirable. In fact I’ve noticed she is looked at with overall disdain and even hostility in some cases. To that end, we tried dressing her up in her mask and some common children’s clothing in order to allow her to join me in the city. This seemed to work quite well for the most part and as our day began we didn’t have much trouble.

After the opening speeches for the festival I set out to earn some coin for you both to help with the bar. Please find enclosed 5gp, I will send along more as my performances permit. Everyone seemed to be getting along quite well at the festival, and I even got to overhear some local gossip and even picked up some materiel for a new story… of course, it’ll have my own flavor when I’m done with it.

Thankfully Bugga kept mostly to herself, she did wander off a few times, once to smash bugs to feed to her dead pet, and once to play hide and seek (though nearly “Hide and get Bonked”) with the local children. I was pretty worried when she brought back what I can only call a stunning vision of beauty… she must have been a Changeling for no other race save perhaps elves, which she most certainly was not, have ever had beauty of that magnitude even told in myth! Thankfully this changeling was unable to see through Bugga’s disguise and her secret stayed safe.

Sadly that wasn’t to last as we were discovered by the owner of the Rusty Dragon hotel later on in the day. She expressed her distaste for Goblins and gave me yet another warning to make sure Bugga stayed out of trouble. I think I overheard that this woman’s name was Ameiko. After parting ways I was sure that’d be the end of it. And we went back to work until the bonfire and fireworks.

I say fireworks but what I really mean is that suddenly Sandpoint came under attack by goblins. I’m not talking harmless but mischievous goblins like Bugga, but evil goblins. It amazes me how far along Bugga has come in the last year when I compare her to these goblins. She has pushed aside a lot of her more evil tendancies in favor of pranks, though sometimes she goes too far. And she still has a long way to go with her manners but she is a noble compared to these tribal goblins. Anyway, she helped us as we fought off the first wave, and then the second. You’d have been proud of me in the second, my mastery of the mixing of music and magic has come a very long way and I was able to dispatch two of the goblins, including a rather loud one that Bugga tells me was a Warchanter.

I should however mention that we did not stand alone. We were joined in our struggle by three others. The Changeling I have already mentioned who did vicious damage with her claws, and two humans. One of them had marvelous weaponry but seemed more likely to hurt himself than the goblins each time he swung, and the other wielded bottled fire and a crossbow which he used expertly despite having had more to drink than we would have allowed at the bar in the old days.

Our final encounter pitted us against a rather menacing group of goblins, one riding one of their hideous excuses for a dog, who had killed a man’s dog (a REAL dog) and began moving in on the man himself. At this point Bugga freaked out about the dog and climbed my leg to perch on my shoulder. By the time I saw combat it was already over. Turns out the man’s name is Aldern Foxglove who by his garb appeared to be a minor noble. Though even a high noble would appear minor covered in dust and dirt the way he was. Anyway, he wants to meet with all of us later, probably in the morning tomorrow, I’m not sure I was paying more attention to how to explain that Bugga is a good goblin.

My worry was for well founded as it would appear as we were all but kicked out of the city by Ameiko after being told that we as a group could have a free night in the Rusty Dragon. What a let down! I was offered a room but would have had to let Bugga fend for herself. She’s capable but I wouldn’t wonder that if I HAD left her alone, we may not have found her in the morning. So we are set up in camp outside of the city of Sandpoint and I am just getting ready to tuck in. I will continue writing and filling you in on our adventures.

Your Son,

P.S. I never did get the names of my fellow combatants. I will have to introduce myself in the morning.

Bugga's Story 1

Since goblins don’t write and hate any evidence of it, Bugga’s “adventure logs” are simply things she’s said to herself in a journal-esque manner, or conversations she’s had with Gorn or Mister Sniffles.

1 – Bugga’s still full; that was a lot of food. Gorn says it’s all free to take but the humies seemed mad after… Bugga’s not sure if that’s true. Sounds like the other gobrins from outside of town came to share the food but as usual, the humies don’t share. Humies only share weapons! Bugga should share some of this food she kept… well, maybe if there’s any left later. Bugga’s always so hungry! And it’s soooo tasty!

Bugga needs a bigger back bag, this one cuts into Bugga’s shoulders… also might need bigger clothes, these ones keep getting smaller for some reason.

2 – Mister Sniffles got hurt… Bugga will have to take care of him until he’s all better. Maybe Bugga can tell stories with those cards of hers tomorrow instead of have Mister Sniffles fight.

The lady humie said that Bugga and Gorn had to sleep outside because she didn’t like Bugga. Bugga doesn’t understand why the lady is mean to Bugga; Bugga helped to protect the humie town and even killed gobrins to do so! Sometimes humies are so mean but Gorn says that we have to be extra nice to them so they be nice to Bugga. Gorn’s so smart…

The lady said Bugga and Gorn could have breakfast at her inn though, so Bugga’s sure to be on her best behaviour tomorrow. Bugga remembers that the lady humie had the best food, and Bugga wants to eat as much as she can tomorrow! Gotta get along with the lady, even if the lady is mean! Then Gorn will be happy, too!

3 – Gorn says the humies Bugga and Gorn met today might be friends, but that Bugga should wear her disguise anyways. Gorn also said Bugga should stop getting into trouble but Bugga’s not sure how; Mister Sniffles always has such fun ideas!

Humies everywhere… one was sooo pretty. She found Bugga when Bugga fell asleep, and Gorn seemed to like her. Bugga should ask her how she got so pretty. Maybe Bugga should steal her face so Bugga can be pretty? Bugga will ask the pretty humie tomorrow.

The other humie stinks like dizzy drinks. He makes lots of loud noises with his mouth and with his bombs, and people seemed to treat him like a gobrin… he reminded Bugga of Muglump the Fire-Maker… well, before Muglump blew off half of his face and his right arm when we played with that big wagon. But just like with Muglump’s explosions, Bugga was so excited by the bombs of the stinky humie! This humie seems worth getting to know to Bugga; he might even know how to help Mister Sniffles not get hurt so much, or maybe other things! Maybe he can teach Bugga how to make the bombs, or at least talk about how they’re made? Bugga is willing to listen to the stinky humie; he seems so smart and kind of tired of dealing with dummies. Maybe he just wants someone to listen to his talking?

The other humie kept hurting himself; it was soo funny! And then Mister Sniffles saved him and he said he should stay with Bugga and Gorn or he’d get hurt… Bugga agrees; this humie is weak and should get Gorn to protect him like he does for Bugga. Gorn’s the best… Gorn’s just the best!

OH and that gobrin said to kill Gorn! NEVER KILL GORN! He was a bad gobrin… Mister Sniffles bit his face off but even that is too good for that bad gobrin. Have to keep Gorn safe; Gorn is so strong but Gorn can’t see everywhere at once. “Accidents happen to other gobrins”, but Bugga can at least do her best to help prevent accidents.

… That was a metaphor; Bugga knows Gorn isn’t a gobrin.

Conversations with a Divine, Aneira's Story 2

Rova 24, 4707 (February 24, 2015 Session)

I just wanted to say thank you, my Divine, as today, you helped me save Bugga’s life. This morning, when I arrived back at the inn after my prayers, the sheriff, who’s name escapes me right now, came in looking for the five of us. He seemed panicked and on edge. He asked us to follow him to the graveyard where he said there was a problem. When we arrived, we were met by Father Zantus. He explained that a certain crypt had been defiled. Davros quickly found some footprints in the ground, so him and I began to investigate those and followed them to the wall which bordered the wilderness. The others moved into the crypt, trying to figure out what happened there, but they were attacked by walking skeletons! Davros and I were too far away to react, but I did see the skeletons take swings at the others. I don’t presume to know anyone in this group very well, but what I saw next made my heart sink. Both Pitticus and Gorn began to retreat, leaving Bugga to take the brunt of the skeletons’ attacks. In shrieks of pain, she went down, and the skeletons pressed on. I ran as fast as I could to Bugga’s side, and through your divine grace, your healing powers went through me and into Bugga, stabilizing her, and closing her wounds. The battle quickly came to a close, though Bugga did not return to her normal mischievous self. I’m sure the pain of seeing her protector, Gorn, withdraw from the fight cut her more than any of the skeleton’s weapons. Why would he do this, I just don’t understand… If only I hadn’t followed Davros…. I could have been there…

(Aneira, lost in contemplation and wracked with misplaced guilt, trailed off her conversation and forgot to say her evening prayers).

Rova 23, 4707 (February 24, 2015 Session)

Today was a nice change from yesterdays events. Despite the attack, I slept quite soundly, though I was quite exhausted after the battles. I’ll have to thank Ameiko again for her hospitality, and these quite comfortable beds. I was afraid I wouldn’t wake in time to see the sunrise with you. Anyways, after my prayers this morning, I went off in search of Bugga and her “father’s” tent. Not surprisingly, I found it not with the other camps from people who had traveled, but deeper into nature, away from prying eyes. As I approached, I saw that Bugga’s caretaker was already awake, cleaning up the camp. I did nothing to hide my approach, though he seemed to tense up immediately upon seeing me. I assured him that I meant no harm, and I simply wanted to introduce myself and talk with him. Thankfully he accepted that as truth and relaxed. He eventually revealed to me his name, Gorn Aleborn. We talked for a time, and I told him that I wanted to help him and Bugga sneak back into town to take up Ameiko on her offer of breakfast. Bugga awoke shortly after, and seemed very shy, though she quickly remembered me and kept asking if she could “wear my face.” What an odd one, that little goblin. Still, there is something quite endearing about her (Aneira gives a half smile as she talks about Bugga’s child like behaviours).

After a short time, Gorn and Bugga finished packing up their camp and we made for the gate. Moving ahead, I distracted the guards, who so graciously offered me breakfast which allowed Gorn and Bugga to sneak into the city. I later found them down the road speaking to Father Zantus, who asked me if I’d like to join him in a small ceremony honoring the new temple, since last night’s celebrations were interrupted. Of course, I agreed. In the meantime, I rejoined Gorn and Bugga at the inn to enjoy some more breakfast. While there, we met up with our other two companions from last night: the arrogant man, who introduced himself as Pitticus, and the human in the military uniform, he is called Davros. Davros Steelsong. (Another half smile crosses Aneira’s lips at the mention of Davros’ name). Unfortunately, he isn’t the talkative type, at least not when I’m around. We were alone at the table for some time, and I couldn’t find the words to say to him, though he seemed quite content in his silence. (Aneira sighs) I wish I didn’t get so tongue tied whenever a nice young man is near.

There was a small bit of excitement though! Bugga, in all her mischievousness, ran off while Gorn was taking his bath! I’m sure you were watching over her, though, because she didn’t get into any trouble, except for when Ameiko found her running through the streets. It turns out that all Bugga wanted to do was buy herself a new backpack. I want you to keep your eye on that one. I fear that one day, her mischief will get her into trouble, and that Gorn won’t be around to protect her.

(Aneira closes her eyes and lays out her red and gold scarf in front of her, and sets her angelic ankh relic in the middle as she says her evening prayer to the faint sound of fireworks in the distance)

Bugga's Story 2

1 – Pretty humie distracted the swordmans at the gate so Bugga and Gorn could sneak in. Bugga needs to learn to do this. It’s either sneak in (which is hard; humies are vigilant) or walk in with that sort of… (she doesn’t have a word for Aneira’s casual sexiness). Bugga must learn this trick. Bugga will stay near the pretty lady when she can and watch this thing she does. The man humies all turned into mud in her hands, like when Bugga played with mud. Mud can be shaped; mud can be controlled.

Mister Sniffles agreed, and they returned to playing with Bugga’s tea set.

2 – Sure enough, fireworks were in the town. Yesterday there were some, so Bugga was sure to find the rest. Only a matter of time. The stinky humie was gone in the morning and Gorn wanted his bath, so it was a waiting game. Mister Sniffles’ idea, of course. He’s so clever. Sometimes Bugga wonders about Mister Sniffles and Gorn; they say different things but they’re both right… what should Bugga do? Bugga just wants to fit in. Gotta fit in or trouble comes, and humies are good at trouble… better than gobrins! Have to play careful; have to play quiet.

Gorn was in the bath so Bugga’s chance came to sneak out, but the mean lady caught her and was mad. Bugga said she was going to buy a bigger back bag; partial truth, Mister Sniffles’ favorite game. Bugga wanted those fireworks!

… In the future, Bugga will sneak out the window and climb down the wall. Lady humie is smart and sees a lot of things, but she can’t see Bugga when Bugga can’t see her. Well, as far as Bugga knows. Mister Sniffles and Gorn say to be careful, but the reasons are different. Bugga knows about the danger.

3 – Fireworks on the beach! Well, one firework, but four came out so that makes four fireworks?? Bugga had fun, but even more fun was that Gorn didn’t think they’d have to sneak until after! /Bugga giggles to herself/ Silly Gorn, of course the humies will come look! “WHAT’S THAT NOISE” humies yell! Sneaking is the most fun part… then, some gobrins came to play, but Bugga and Gorn couldn’t play because Gorn only gave Bugga the one firework and the others were at the inn and the gobrins got mad. Then Mister Sniffles said to call the big-bites-scream-and-stomp (horse), but when Bugga didn’t want to, Mister Sniffles did it anyways! It stomped and screamed at the gobrins and Bugga, so Bugga ran… and then the stinky humie was there. He’s bonier than Gorn so he’s easier to climb. Bugga’s sure he can be friends, though. Bugga wanted to show him her fireworks but he was too late. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day.

The pretty lady and Bugga also played inside with the stinky drink drink drinkers!! The pretty lady is so much fun! Bugga wished she had her fireworks then; watch the humies jump! THEY ALWAYS JUMP! SO! HIGH!! /Bugga squirms with joy/ The pretty lady said that she would help Bugga be prettier. Bugga likes her. She reminds Bugga of Kuzmog the Never-Dead… except Kuzmog was old and ugly. But pretty lady is smart and fun like Kuzmog. Kuzmog liked to play but then she had to say big things like “here come the humies” or “pile the arms on the fire; put the legs on the altar”! She didn’t sing many songs, but hers were always clever, with double-meanings.

… Maybe she’s not much like Kuzmog the Never-Dead. Bugga is sometimes wrong about things. Maybe she has songs, though. Bugga will ask.

4 – Bugga was talking about how she was wrong sometimes yesterday, right?

Today Bugga had a dream, but she’s not sure where the dream stopped and she woke up. Maybe the dream was about something like what happened? Bugga got really hurt in the dream, and the stinky man and Gorn both left her alone. Then, Bugga died. Bugga had a croak dream?

Bugga woke up with her shoulder hurting, lying on the ground. Gorn and the stinky man and the silly man were fighting some skellingtons and Bugga wasn’t sure what happened. Bugga’s sure she did something wrong though. Maybe Bugga upset the stinky man? Maybe because Bugga forgot to ask the stinky man to watch the fireworks last night. There was fire, and the stinky man does fire. Bugga doesn’t understand but everyone was quiet and Gorn said it was a dream so Bugga will try harder to make Gorn and the stinky man happy and not have bad dreams! Must be what happens when Bugga goes to sleep with a full belly! The last time Bugga did that, the tribe got killed by all of those humies! That sure felt like a dream…

/Bugga pours more pretend tea from her pot into Mister Sniffles’ teacup. He is silent/ … Was a bad dream. Gorn went away; Gorn always goes away in the bad dreams. Bugga is left to the humies and their doggies in the bad dreams, and in the croak dreams, the tree falls down and the doggies get Bugga. Bugga needs to make sure this croak dream doesn’t come true; have to keep Gorn and the stinky-drinky humie happy to avoid the croak dream!

Bugga needs to get a present for the pretty lady. The pretty lady woke Bugga up and wiped the blood off. Whose blood was it? Bugga hopes it wasn’t the pretty lady’s…

Letters Home - 2 - 24/02/2015
Gorn's Letters

Mother and Father,

As with every day with Bugga, my time since my last letter has been far more of an adventure than it would normally be…probably. it started off in our makeshift camp outside of town where I was greeted by the changeling I had mentioned previously. Her name is Aneira. After chatting a while she kindly offered to help us get back into the city. Using her charm and beauty, Aneira distracted the guards allowing us to make our way into the city and back to The Rusty Dragon. While there, we sat down to breakfast and met another of the party from the previous night, the poor sap who seem determined to fall over his weapons. He wasn’t much of a talker but we did learn that his name is Davros. By the look of him, his ineptness may have just been fluke.

Once breakfast was done, the adventure began. I had promised Bugga a shopping trip to help her find a way to impress the flame slinger, who we had yet to find, but later on in the day. Marvelously, the town had softened to Bugga’s presence, I suppose based on the fact that she had helped save them. This allowed us to take a room at The Rusty Dragon, and finally I was able to enjoy a glorious bath! Or at least that’s how things started, after a while I began to notice that the room had gotten perhaps a little too quiet. Bugga had taken off! After a frantic search through town checking stores and streets, I eventually found her with the help of my new friends. She had been found and stalled, just long enough by Ameiko. I must say I was most proud over the sheer LACK of chaos that had been wrought in Bugga’s wake.

That evening I was given the opportunity to perform for Ameiko and her patrons at her inn. Before this point we got to meet the final member of the group we had fought with last night. He is an alchemist, and his name is Pitticus. I’m not a fan of his self-centered, high and mighty attitude. But he’s a good fighter and smart mind, so I’ll make some allowances for the time being. The performance was not my best and I was still slightly distracted from the events of the day. So sadly my nights take is very low, hence the seemingly out of place copper piece in the envelope.

The next day the sheriff came up to us all in a panic and asked us as a group to help him investigate a disturbance at the grave of a long dead patriarch of the Tobyn family. Upon our arrival Davros found some tracks or something and went to investigate them. To be honest the details leading up are kind of fuzzy because of what happened next. Upon seeing the tomb we were to investigate and assuming that the vandals or whoever they had been had long since gone I opened the door. I think maybe Pitticus may have noticed something because I think we has trying to say something as I was opening the door…to reveal skeletons! Walking, animated skeletons! I’ve heard of these kinds of magic but I haven’t seen them before. Startled I screamed and leapt back, assuming that the best move would be to allow everyone else access to the skeletons as opposed to standing between them. I shouldn’t have done that. As quick as I was to act, Bugga wasn’t. She took what seemed to be a mortal hit from the skeletons. I used what magics I could to heal and stabilize her and Aneira brought her back to consciousness.

When she awoke after the battle she kept speaking about a nightmare where she thought I had abandoned her! This seemed to push her to a state of mental instability and so I encouraged her to believe that it was a dream. I will just have to make sure that in the future I make up for it. I don’t know, what would you have done? I have been fighting so hard to help her become an acceptable member of society that I didn’t want to have it all come unraveled because of a fluke chance of happenstance.

Davros was able to tell us that the tracks all around the tomb belonged to goblins, and we discovered that the bones of the dead Tobyn were gone. We decided to interrogate the captured goblin from the previous attack on the town. We were able to find out everything he knows! Which was nothing. But by the time we had figured this out the day was coming to an end, and we headed back to the inn. I was able to perform again, this time with Ameiko, and that night just rocked! Earned another 3gp to send your way. Please let me know if you ever have any trouble receiving the contents of my letters. I’ll be staying at The Rusty Dragon for the time being.

Your Son,

Letters Home - 3 - 29/03/2014
Gorn's Letters

Mother and Father,

Finally, a taste of the upper class and of the stories I’d heard so much from them. I was invited on a boar hunt, by none other than Lord Aldern Foxglove! I know, I’ve never heard of him either but apparently he’s a big deal around here. After a good amount of travel we spotted one and gave chase! The clever animal attempted to evade us through a tangle of vines and thick undergrowth. In the excitement and admittedly with a rush of adrenaline fueled by my hunter’s desire to claim the boar’s hide, I threw my companion Aneira completely over the patch before becoming entangled in them myself. By her own grace she landed safely and continued the chase. By the time i had caught up the the group they had already engaged the boar, only I thought perhaps I had hit my head because I saw TWO! After a quick and exciting struggle the boar were slain and dragged out to our horses. I should mention the horses as you may remember, Bugga has a bit of a problem with horses, and even though she didn’t ride on one, she was still able to contain herself around them. I was very proud of her.

Upon returning to town we had some time to ourselves, so I picked up the book I had ordered. What a collection of epic tales! This will really help my performances! Sadly I was unable to perform at all since my last letter. I will attempt to earn some money for you before my next.

We were also invited to the office of the Mayor where we met with him, the sheriff, and a third party named Shalelu. By my best guestimate, he’s something of a consultant on handling the goblin raids that are so frequent here. Anyway they had some interesting questions for Bugga and myself that lead to interesting theories regarding the Goblins around here. They may actually be working together. Can you believe that?! Based on my knowledge of goblins even if they were, it shouldn’t last long but even for a short time it’s dangerous. We should see as soon as we can about how to break this alliance up.

When the theorizing was done they did something very special though. They presented us, particularly Bugga, with a writ of human equivalency. Basically granting her full Human status in the city. This is huge and will allow her to be a little more comfortable around town I hope. Though she’ll still need to be careful about her more gobliny urges.

During the feast of the boars a man barged in and caused a massive ruckus. Yelling at all of us and demanding to speak to Ameiko. Apparently he doesn’t trust outsiders because we were basically given a ‘mind your own business’ speech. Turns out he was Ameiko’s father, and wow does that family have one messed up dynamic. Seems that Ameiko has a half brother named Tsuto, who happens to be half Elf. Ameiko’s parents, as well as Ameiko herself, are Human. Ameiko did her best to be a good sister but after a particularly bad argument Tsuto struck her and they hadn’t spoken since.

Well this morning we had a bit of a quiter morning than usual. No food, no drink, no merriment. Ameiko has gone missing, and our only clue is a note. I’ll fill you in later, for now it’s off to yet another adventure!

Your Son,

Conversations with a Divine, Aneira's Story 3

Rova 26, 4707 (March 29, 2015 Session)

Yesterday seemed almost too good to be true. After talking to you about how the people of Sandpoint continue to live their lives despite the constant threat of goblin attacks, tragedy had struck another family. This morning, on my way back from talking with you, my Divine, a mother and her sun ran to me, begging for a favor. She explained to me that her son had been having night terrors, hearing goblins in his sleep, and the dog barking through the night. At first I dismissed her claims as a part of her child’s growing up. She then showed me her son’s arm, riddled with scratches and punctures unlike anything that a mischievious child could do. This raised some questions for me and I ran with her to her home. Along the way, we ran into Davros and Pitticus walking together, who I asked to come with us. Along the way, the mother explained to us that her husband had stayed behind to try and find where the monster was hiding. We cautiously entered the home. There were no sounds. We crept through, checking for signs of a struggle, and found none. We entered the mother’s bedroom and found their dog, stabbed to death with a goblin’s sword. While Davros and Pitticus remained searching the other areas of the home, I entered the boy’s room. Sarenrae, watch over that family, for what I saw made my heart sink. The husband lay dead in front of the closet, his neck slashed from ear to ear. I stepped over his body, knowing, and yet unknowing that something lay in wait inside the closet. I opened the door and a goblin jumped out at me, swinging with his still bloody sword! I was able to dodge it, at the same time as giving a shriek to notify Pitticus and Davros of the danger. We quickly dispatched the evil creature and I made sure that it didn’t leave any other way from more to come in. After checking to make sure it was dead, I removed it’s purse and had the grim duty of informing what was left of the family that their husband and father had been killed. I gave the family whatever gold the goblin had on its body in an effort to help them cope with this tragedy.

Sarenrae, I look to you and I know I am safe with you watching over me. You spoke to me when I had lost all hope. I only wish that more of the people in this world could find you as you did me. Watch over that family, and all of Sandpoint.

(Aneira closes her eyes and lays out her red and gold scarf in front of her, and sets her angelic ankh relic in the middle)

Rova 25, 4707 (March 29, 2015 Session)

You continue to bless us with your gifts, my Divine! Aldern Foxglove, the man that we rescued after the attack, the one who has put all of us up at the Rusty Dragon out of his own pocket, has invited us to partake in a boar hunt! At first, I was elated at the prospect of moving through the wilderness, stalking my prey, but when we set out on horseback (of which Aldern graciously gave them to us to keep after the hunt), moving loudly through the wilderness, I became confused. When I questioned Aldern about it, telling him we’d never track anything down this way, he dismissed me by saying that this is the way civilized men hunt. After trying to explain it all to me, he seemed to take a lot of interest in me. Not through any fault of his own, he stirred up a memory I had hoped to forget. He asked me where I had come from and what brought me to Sandpoint. Thankfully he seemed to pick up my discomfort when I immediately changed the subject to talking about him, though I’m sure he has little problem talking about himself. After a short time, we stopped at what looked to be a trailhead into the thicker brush. Aldern declared that it was here we would begin the hunt. Still confused, we marched into the brush, and almost immediately stumbled into a wild boar! It took off, and we gave chase, tracking its loud movements through thick underbrush, with our only guide being the damage it left in its wake. Through thick and thorny vines (Gorn is INCREDIBLEY strong), to sheer, rocky cliff faces, we tracked the beast, and to our suprise, ran straight into another boar! Once they had realized they were trapped, we made short work of them and claimed our prize. After having an uneventful ride back to Sandpoint, we all parted ways while the boars were prepared for the nights feast, and I found myself at the Temple to pay my respects.

Words continue to escape me. When I heard that it was time for the feast, I was stunned by the site that awaited me when I came down from my room. The tavern was packed, and the air was thick with the smell of wild boar, merriment and of course, ales and wines! Sarenrae, bless these kind people. They are all so light hearted and honest… It warms my heart to see these people are able to enjoy themselves even in constant fear of goblin raids. The merriment did not go uninterrupted, unfortunately. A man of Tien descent if my travels serve me, burst into the tavern and started causing a ruckus. Thats when he spotted us, and started to lay into us about how WE were the ones responsible for the goblin raid! How could that even be, my Holiness? We all came for the festival, and we hadn’t met before then! Unfortunately, this man would not listen to reason. Shortly after his tirade, Ameiko emerged and started arguing with the man in Tien. Aldern began speaking to us in hushed tones, explaining to us that this man was Ameiko’s father. He rattled off a few other rumors, including one about Ameiko having a half-elf brother, despite her parents being human. I can’t help but wonder how Aldern could know this information. I wonder if it could be worth getting to know him better…

(Aneira closes her eyes and lays out her red and gold scarf in front of her, and sets her angelic ankh relic in the middle)

Letters Home - 4 - 07/04/15
Gorn's Letters

Mother and Father,

It was Tsuto! That son of a bitch, he had the goblins attacking the town, he kidnapped Ameiko, and worse!

Let me start where I left off last time, we had just received the note Ameiko’s barmaid had found and Pitticus and the barmaid were able to tell us that Ameiko’s brother had come back to town and had asked for a meeting with Ameiko at the Glassworks. Apparently their father owns the place or something. Worried for Ameiko’s safety thanks to her most recent history with her brother we decided to hurry over there to make sure that everything was okay.

Upon arriving we discovered the glassworks to be locked an the windows either draped or boarded up. Thinking this suspicious for a work day we decided to poke around further. We were interrupted by one of the workers who had apparently shown up late and been locked out as well. We learned from him that this facility belonged to Lonjiku before I convinced him that we were supposed to be there and he left us to our work. In hindsight it may have been appropriate to have him fetch the city guard for some assistance but we are beyond that now.

Bugga was able to scale the walls to the roof and attempt to see inside through a skylight. She told us goblins were inside and had killed the workers, one even more gruesome than the others for he was propped up on a chair, disemboweled, and then encased in molten glass. She nearly had a nasty fall on her way back down but thankfully I was able to break her fall enough that she wasn’t hurt.

We obviously needed to get inside, if there were goblins still alive and amok in the factory then Ameiko may have been in serious trouble. So Pitticus attempted to pick one of the locks. Not being versed in the practice myself it came as a surprise when he claimed the first door’s lock to be of too high a quality and move on to another door. It was while he was fiddling with the third door that Davros became impatient and decided to enter through a window. He beat on it with the pommel of his sword but only succeeded in cracking the glass. It was a window! A good punch should have easily broken it, and having witnessed some of Davros’ moments of ineptitude and thinking his lack of success here may have been one of those moments that is exactly what I did. They make that glass stronger than steel let me tell you! My hand bounced off and it HURT!

Once we were inside, we attempted to find Ameiko while trying to avoid the goblins. This met with no luck and we eventually found ourselves face to face with a goblin party. As we fought and thinned the goblins, Tsuto showed up from seemingly nowhere and began attacking us as well. In the fighting both Aneira and Davros were gravely injured, Aneira more than once and she wound up finishing the fight unconscious. But when she was up, mother and father I’ve never been a fan of religion but she fought with a righteous and holy fury like I have never seen, it was awesome. She herself managed to brutally savage Tsuto before going down. Pitticus and his bombs made short work of the goblins and the rest of us cleaned up what was left. During the fighting I also got a good look at the man encased in glass, Lonjiku had met his end, assuredly at his son’s command.

Realizing he was in trouble, Tsuto fled. Bugga and her familiar gave chase along with Davros and myself and it was eventually Bugga’s…. this spot looks like it was erased and re-written several times as Gorn tried to find the right word …pet Mr Sniffles who took Tsuto down.

I hauled him, still alive but incapacitated, back inside the factory where the group searched him. We found a journal and serveral other items which may prove useful or valuable. The journal was most disturbing. You both know my thoughts on slavery and the forced submission of others as well as the denial of choice. Well the journal showed that he had made his choice. There was a word in the slave camps for what Tsuto was, we called them the mok’nethal the closest translation in Common is betrayer, but it goes much deeper than that and has other connotations. It was used for those who had given in and accepted enslavement themselves, and then used their position, wits, wiles, and any other means to enslave others. Tsuto had enslaved himself to evil, deluding himself into believing it was love between himself and someone we can only guess to be Nualia. For his master Tsuto had arranged for the raiding, killing, rounding up, and sacrifice of innocents for what appears to the a demonic transformation. This caused my blood to slowly boil.

One of the others gave Aneira a healing potion while I was reading the journal, and when she arose she saw Tsuto, still alive something snapped in her and she raked her claws through his face and throat. Bugga made a move to stop her but in my anger and rage I held her back while Aneira did what I had wanted to do. This seemed to put Pitticus in a state of shock, though why he would concern himself over someone so obviously evil is beyond me. Better he be eliminated and unable to escape capture and return to his plans. After a rather quiet moment (save for Pitticus’ indignant fuming over some loss of knowledge), we realized that in the fighting two goblins had gotten away and escaped into the basement. Since we still hadn’t found Ameiko yet, we followed, hoping we weren’t too late.

We found her. Unconscious, but alive. After providing some healing, she became frantic and began inquiring as to her brother. Aneira admitted to having killed him, which distraught her greatly. Not in her right state of mind she fled upstairs where we heard her shriek as yet another emotional harpoon must have struck her upon finding her father.

We discovered another tunnel that the goblins most likely escaped down but upon reflection decided we need time to rest and heal.

Do not fear for your son as he has many skilled and good people around him. I will write you again soon.

Your Son,


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