Ronlin Jerath

Ronlin was born and raised in a small house at the edge of the woods North East of Turtleback Ferry. He was the youngest of 3 boys and was in fact a great deal younger than either of his older siblings. As Ronlin grew up, his father and brothers made sure to teach him the various skills required to live comfortably off the land. Hunting, fishing, gathering, and many more were a daily routine for Ronlin. When Ronlin was only about 10 years old, his oldest brother Peter found work on a merchant ship and began his life at sea, travelling to distance lands and exploring Golarion as he had always dreamed. Several years later, his middle brother Laurence married a local woman and moved into the town of Turtleback Ferry itself. A few years later, their father passed away. Ronlin, now almost 19 years of age began to spend more and more time town working odd jobs, meeting new people, and being an uncle to Laurence’s two daughters.

One day while working at the town’s docks, Ronlin met Eliza. She was in town with the river boat Gypsea, which was in fact owned by her father. Her father, having no sons of his own, had begun to train Eliza in the family business which included the transportation of goods up and down the Skull River to Ilsurian as well as on the Yendabakari River all the way to Magnimar. Over the next year or so Eliza and Ronlin would spend time together everytime she came with one of the boats. Finally, late one summer evening, Eliza suggested that Ronlin consider moving to Magnimar so they could spend the majority of their time together instead of just a few days ever couple of months. Ronlin agreed and began making arrangements to relocate to the “big city”.

Living in Magnimar was an even bigger adjustment than Ronlin had anticipated, but eventually he carved out a new life for himself. Ronlin got a job from Eliza’s dad working at the docks and occasionally on the boats. Within a year of moving, Ronlin and Eliza were married. Now officially part of the family, Ronlin became the son Eliza’s father always longed for and the newlyweds began to take on more and more responsibility in the father’s fairly sizable business. Although everything was going well for him, Ronlin still missed his old simpler life. There was something about the city that made Ronlin uncomfortable. Having been raised largely outside of any real towns or especially a city, Ronlin had learned that their was a natural order of things. Even the fiercest wild animal had habits and logic, they could be understood to a point. The same could not always be said of men.

Ronlin and Eliza, now around 27 years of age, decided it was time to start a family of their own. Ronlin continued to work hard at the shipping company, picking up some of the responsibilities that Eliza once looked after. One evening, about 3 months into Eliza’s pregnancy, Ronlin arrived home late after a particularly busy day. Eliza had scrawled a quick note on a piece of parchment telling him that she went out for a walk to get out of the house and should be returning soon. As the minutes turned to hours, Ronlin began to grow increasingly worried. Finally he grabbed a lantern and set out to look for his wife.

In an alley only a few streets away from their home, Ronlin saw a pair of City Guards attending to something on the ground. With a deep sense of dread, Ronlin ran to them only to confirm his worst fears. At their feet lay the disheveled un-moving form of his beloved wife. Ronlin let out an anguished holler as he collapsed beside her body. His mind drifted into a thick fog as he tried to process what had happened. The guards explained what they knew; that several local drunk teenagers had been harassing Eliza as she walked home. One of them attempted to grab her, and as she resisted the boys got angrier and began to strike her repeatedly. Several guards heard the commotion and arrived in time to apprehend the boys, but not in time to save Eliza or her unborn child.

The next few weeks were a blur for Ronlin. The boys were supposed to stand trail for their crimes, but as it turned out, they were all the sons of very well off and influential citizens of Magnimar. The teens never even stood before a Justice, but instead were quietly released with all charges dismissed. When Ronlin was told what happened by a friend, the last piece of his frail sanity broke. That night, he tracked 1 of the boys down to an abandoned merchant’s house that they liked to break in to. As they celebrated their freedom Ronlin burst in. The shouts and screams from the young men quickly attracted nearby residents and the guards, but not before Ronlin managed to kill 1 of them, cripple 2 others, and severely injure the rest.

Ronlin did appear before a Justice and he was sentenced to serve 30 years in The Hells. The punishment didn’t matter to Ronlin though; his life ended the night they killed his wife. Seven years went by as Ronlin rotted in The Hells below the city. He was surprised to be awoken one morning by a guard telling him that he had been sent for. He slowly made the climb up from The Hells into the Pediment building above. He was greeted by a man he didn’t recognize who introduced himself as Lamatar Bayden. He went on to explain that he was the leader of the Order of the Black Arrows. The Black Arrows was something Ronlin was familiar with from his childhood and teenaged years growing up near Turtleback Ferry. These were men and the occasional woman who held Fort Rannick and protected the town and surrounding area from ogre, ogrekin, and even giant attacks. Lamatar then explained that Ronlin had been released from The Hells under condition he would join the Black Arrows and serve in their company instead. He agreed.

As Ronlin, Lamatar, and a few other recruits made the journey back to Fort Rannick, Ronlin learned the last details of how he came to be released. His father in law never forgot about him and in fact saw Ronlin’s crimes as justice for the murder of his beloved Eliza. Lamatar made the journey from Turtleback Ferry to Magnimar on a series of boats, one of which happened to be owned by Eliza’s father. Knowing of the Black Arrows and how their ranks were filled primarily with convicts both former and current, the man met Lamatar on the docks in Magnimar and pleaded with him to take Ronlin. Lamatar agreed and arranged to have him join the Order. Ronlin had been given the chance to be something again instead of wasting the rest of his life rotting in a cell. And he’d be damned if he was going to waste that chance. With memories of Eliza constantly at the forefront of his thoughts , Ronlin began the long journey to Fort Rannick.

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Ronlin Jerath

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