Bugga's Story 7

1/It is several days after the battle with Malfeshnikor. Bugga and Mister Sniffles walk the Lost Coast Road back to Thistletop from Sandpoint in the early afternoon heat. Good news is coming with them!

Bugga had spent some time the previous day negotiating a trade agreement with mayor Kendra Deverin to keep her new tribe supplied with food (and distractions), and is bringing the delivery collection instructions back to her fledgling tribe. Of course, this presents another opportunity for her eidolon to question her motives, and he is not hesitant to do so./

Mister Sniffles: We just do not understand why you do not desire to remain. This is everything you could have wanted. Is this more of your ‘feelings’ that you say you have?

Bugga: Yes, it is. Bugga wants gobrins to be safe, but Bugga wants–

Mister Sniffles: To go find–

Bugga: NO! SHUT UP!

/Bugga stamps her foot again, and they stop their progress. She has been doing this a lot, lately. She is also upset a lot, lately./

Bugga: Gorn’s gone, Bugga knows this! This isn’t news! Mister Sniffles is dumb if he thinks that’s all that Bugga thinks about! Why does Mister Sniffles not know Bugga if he says Bugga startin’ to be more like him? Bugga thought you’d stop bein’ mean!

Mister Sniffles:

/The eidolon seems to pick its words carefully./

Mister Sniffles: … Becoming alike or not, We do not understand your motives. There are few reasons to leave now because of the stability you built, aside from the guess We made. We were… simply curious whether or not you would… begin to enjoy your possible rest? You are queen now, and can choose a consort, you know. What about that bodyguard?

/Bugga ’hmph’s and remains silent./

Mister Sniffles: … Maybe a different approach, since your ego is growing faster than you are these days and needs no further help: what is out here that so interests you that you would continue to spend time with these remaining ones? When being a queen and having a mate are options for you now, as well? Were these not your longest-held ambitions?

/The goblin grins./

Bugga: Bugga’s story doesn’t end on a throne. Bugga’s story is about learnin’ more, about bein’ more. Bugga’s curious about Mister Sniffles, actually… Bugga wants to know about hiding like Mister Sniffles does.

… Bugga will put it this way: it’s possible to end Bugga’s story as the biggest gobrin queen of the biggest tribe in this place, this Sandpoint. BUT! Bugga could be an even bigger queen if Bugga travels and learns magics! The mix-maker, Dizzy Kaboom: Mister Sniffles probably sees that he wants Bugga to be happy after Gorn… left. Well, Bugga’s learnin’ about fire from him! Then, there was the lady in the cage: she had her humie friends come and they thought Bugga was special! DIDN’T MISTER SNIFFLES SEE THAT, TOO??

So! Bugga will keep learnin’, until Bugga is the BIGGEST! QUEEN! EVER!! And nobody will be able to stop Bugga because she will be POWERFUL; really powerful, not just with tricks but with REAL POWER! And Mister Sniffles will teach Bugga… And Bugga will teach everyone.

… Even Gorn.

Mister Sniffles:

… We did not expect this.

/Mister Sniffles is silent for a bit. When Bugga asks why…/

Mister Sniffles: We were thinking. We… need to learn something from you, too. The tongue of these others, the tongue your Gorn taught you: We need it in order to learn from the books for you. You have said that the books have the secrets but that you cannot read them… well, We can brave those dangers, and tell you the secrets.

Bugga: But–!

Mister Sniffles: You have seen Us die! We are beyond such things! Do you not think words are also beneath Us? The legends of your people may be true for you, but they mean nothing to Us!

We shall both learn, together… and We swear this: your dream will be Our dream. We never cared much for your ambitions before because they were things about the dancing one or foolishness, but this… this is worth more openness. Perhaps you are ready for the Second Contract.

Bugga: What does–

Mister Sniffles: In time; in time. We will get there. Our dreams are the same, now… and we can share more than dreams. We shall share your ambition, and We will make you a queen beyond compare.

… We will teach you how.

Bugga: … Okay. Yes, Bugga accepts this. What does Bugga do first?

Mister Sniffles: For now…? You need only trust Us.


Yeah trust us…cause that never goes sideways. Nicely written. I like that you RP out Sniffles learning Common as well as Bugga’s desire to learn more of the shadows.

Bugga's Story 7

I’m not mega proud of the writing here, but thank you. It’s sometimes hard to get the idea across.

The part about shared dreams is one such time: becoming an Oneirogen involves being of like mind to one’s eidolon to the point that you can meet in dreamspace. It is a double meaning; they share her dream, and they actually share dreams because of this.

I don’t think she would know what he’d meant until the next time she slept, either.

Bugga's Story 7

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