Of Blackness, Madness, and Mayhem - Part 8

Inside of Vern's Head

Okay, this is a twist. Rather than this being a mission of recon or of search and destroy, this character pops up… Ronlin? Do we trust him? What do we even know of his band of Black Arrows? All we know is that he was attacked by goblins and then an Ogre-kin. That Ogre-kin was something else though huh? Man can he swing! I hope he’s alone out here. Having to face him and still more of his kind would not be something I’m looking forward to.

It won’t matter, you’ve got me here. The two of us together can be very devastating. Did you miss how we practically vaporized that goblin? And you’re only getting more powerful. I can feel it, every time one of your spells courses through my blade. I AM slightly worried about a trap though, what if that’s what this turns out to be? Are we supposed to just sit tight and wait… perhaps for the GOBLIN, who by the way we don’t know if she’ll ever come back. I mean sure “Mr/Mrs Sniff-shadow-demon McShiftyface” promised to keep her safe but do you really think we’re gonna see her any time soon?

No, truly I don’t think it will be any time soon before we see Bugga again. I wish there was some way to keep tabs on her, perhaps that’s something we should dig into, perhaps looking into some form of dream magic? If this IS a trap and we’re captured as opposed to killed we’ll have plenty of time to figure that out then. However Ronlin does seem quite sincere in his earnestness to rescue his squad-mates. And I don’t think we’re going to get much more out of him until we find them, be it alive or dead. I’m not usually a fan of doing people favors, but I’m not certain I would want to see even criminals subjected to the kind of torture a frenzied Ogre-kin or his minions could exert.

Mmm… broken bones take a little while to heal don’t they? Too bad there’s not some kind of magic to heal those wou…oh…wait…

It’s not the recovery, I don’t expect you to understand… here let me show you something.

-at this pint Ge’vern calls up a memory of Malan doing a bone count on Ge’vern by breaking each one he can find-

Oh… gods… that sense… is that what it is to be broken physically?

Yes. Be grateful for your indestructablility. Hopefully that makes it clear that right now, whether this band is evil or not, keeping them from this pain is the right thing to do. If they turn out to be malicious in their intent… well then perhaps we can grant them a quick death as opposed to that torture.

Wait a minute… didn’t you threaten Ironbriar with torture in the Mayor’s office?

Yeah thank goodness I didn’t have to go through with that, I don’t know if I could have followed through. Though I am a fan of justice and seeing men like Ironbriar get a taste of their own medicine… that justice was met out legally, which I think is even better. Now the public is aware of his maladies.

It will be interesting to see if you can follow through when it counts though… won’t it?

I hope it never comes to that. But I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime, having an extra set of eyes and hands will be welcome as we keep on. And perhaps his friends will be useful in scouting the fort. First things first though… let’s find the rest of the Black Arrows.



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