Oriedesme Eisbrin

Oriedesme is a crusader for law against the forces of chaos. She was sent to Sandpoint because of politicking in Korvosa, essentially banished from her house for things unclear (she has not spoken of it).

As a former minor noble, she frequently allies with other members of the nobility, and is called “Esme the Peacemaker”. She considers it her duty to eliminate dangerous monsters and even peasant uprisings that threaten to turn bloody. She serves a good and just goddess and refuses to participate in evil acts such as terrorizing villagers, but frowns on acts of anarchy that risk plunging an area into war. She believes nobles are chosen by the gods to rule over others for the benefit of all, even if this means fewer freedoms for commoners.

She is painfully honest, and reluctant to work with any noble who shirks responsibilities or abuses power.

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Oriedesme Eisbrin

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