Power Grip

Your impressive strength allows you to wield larger weapons than expected.

Prerequisite: Strength 15, base attack bonus +3.

Benefit: You can use melee weapons one size category larger than normal. This does not change the way you wield weapons, but does impart the normal cumulative –2 penalty on attack rolls for wielding an improperly-sized weapon. This feat does not apply to your off-hand attacks. You cannot wield inappropriately-sized double weapons.

Normal: You cannot wield a two-handed weapon of a size category larger than normal for your size, and the measure of how much effort it takes to use a weapon is altered by one step for each size category of difference between the wielder’s size and the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed. For example, a medium greatsword cannot be wielded by a small creature (as it cannot exceed being a two-handed weapon), but a medium longsword may be wielded by a small creature as though it were a two-handed weapon (with the outsized weapon penalty), because it is normally a one-handed weapon.

If the alteration of how the weapon is wielded exceeds this alteration, the creature can’t wield the weapon at all.

Power Grip

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